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Rythem, Home Made Kazoku, Do As Infinity, Yuki Kajiura, and Staff Pick: Se7en

Rythem - Utatane

1. 風船雲
2. ハルモニア
3. 一人旅シャラルラン
4. 万華鏡キラキラ
5. Circulate
6. 小麦色のラブソング
8. てんきゅっ
9. ブルースカイ・ブルー
10. 青春時代
11. 女友達
12. ラプンツェル 
13. 自由詩

Home Made Kazoku - Rock the World!


1. It’s da 大・中・SHOW!!!
4. アイコトバ
5. あすなろの木
6. くうねるあそぶ
7. Oooh! 家~! (Extended Ver.)
8. 恋のデシベル
9. サンキュー!!
10. もちろん(持ち論)
12. Mr. タフガイ
14. ホメられると伸びるタイプ
15. HOME SWEET HOME (Reborn)
16. Life goes on & on

Do As Infinity - Do the A-Side

Disc 1 SS
Disc 2 SS

Disc 1
1. Tangerine Dream
2. Heart
3. Oasis
4. Yesterday & Today
5. rumble fish
6. We are.
7. Desire
8. 遠くまで
9. Week!
10. 深い森
11. 冒険者たち

Disc 2
1. 陽のあたる坂道
2. under the sun
3. under the moon
4. 真実の詩
5. 魔法の言葉 -Would you marry me?-
6. 本日ハ晴天ナリ
7. 柊
8. 楽園
9. For the future
10. TAO

Yuki Kajiura - Fiction

1. Key of the Twilight
2. Cynical World
3. Fake Wings
4. Fiction
5. Vanity
6. Canta Per Me
7. Zodiacal Sign
8. Awaking
9. Open Your Heart
10. inter
11. Salva Nos

Se7en - I wanna...

1. I wanna...
2. What you want
3. I wanna... (Instrumental)
4. What you want (Instrumental)

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ROTATION & STAFF PICK: Kimeru, Gundam SEED Destiny, Xenosaga

I know, I know, I'm late again. Kimeru and Gundam SEED Destiny are for the last rotation and I chose Xenosaga III for the staff pick. They are all pretty good choices in my opinion, so... try them out ^^

Kimeru - Koi no Performance
Collapse )

Gundam SEED - Symphony SEED Destiny
Collapse )

Xenosaga III - Original Sound Best Tracks
Disc 1
Collapse )

Disc 2
Collapse )


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Rurutia ~ Water Forest

This is my first staff pick round here! So I will share with you Rurutia and her album Water Forest.

1. パヴァーヌ (Pavane)
2. 朱雀の空 (Suzaku no Sora)
3. オール (Oar)
4. 星のたましい (Hoshi no Tamashii)
5. サンクチュアリ (Sanctuary)
6. ゆるぎない美しいもの (Yuruginai Utsukushii Mono)
7. 幻惑の風 (Genwaku no Kaze)
8. シャイン (Shine)
9. 満ちる森 (Michiru Mori)
10. 思李 (Omori)
.mp3, .zip, 68mb

Rurutia's music is just so beautiful and relaxing to listen to. She also did the theme song, Selenite --(download here for a taste if you're not certain)for the movie Karas: The Prophecy , which is how I found and fell in love with her music. It has this unearthly feel to it that makes one take a deep breath and lose yourself in the lyrical beauty she creates. Ooops. A little bit whimsical in the description there, but download it, because she is an awesome artist.

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