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Bleach, Bonnie Pink, & Bi

My first post to Make a Wish, and I'm late....Sorry!

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Bleach OST 1
1. on the precipice of defeat
2. *`Asterisk` TV version
3. comical world
4. oh so tired
5. head in the clouds
6. ditty for daddy
7. creeping shadows
8. raw breath of danger
9. enemy unseen
10. will of the heart
11. requiem for the lost ones
12. Nothing Can Be Explained
13. burden of the past
14. destiny awaits
15. catch-22
16. heat of the battle
17. blaze of the soul reaper
18. battle ignition
19. never meant to belong
20. storm center
21. Number One
22. going home
23. Life is Like a Boat for TV EDIT FAST ver.
24. peaceful afternoon
25. Thank You!! TV version

Bonnie Pink - Golden Tears
1. So Wonderful
2. Paradiddle-free
3. Coast to Coast
4. Addiction
5. Mirror
6. 日々草
7. Robotomy
8. Monster
9. Rise and Shine
10. Cotton Candy
11. Nocturne
12. You Got Me Good
13. Believe

Staff Pick

Bi - Move On
1. Move On
2. Up in the Club
3. Move On (Instrumental)
4. Up in the Club (Instrumental)
This is Bi (Rain)'s new single Move On, and it's really good. This is his third Japanese single!

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Suga Shikao & Final Fantasy 8

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Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3
Disc 4

The titles on the ID3 tags for these might not be accurate. Please comment if you have corrections~
01. Sanagi
02. Karrappo
03. Hikari no Kawa
04. Arcade
05. Climax (Album Version)
06. June
07. Akubi
08. Mahou
09. Himitsu
10. Kazanagi
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Nujabes + SunSet Swish

Zhao Yun - iPod
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ROTATION: Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus & Tamaki Nami

Yay~ I'm on time for once X___x

Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus - Original Soundtrack

Disc 1
Collapse )

Disc 2
Collapse )

Tamaki Nami - Make Progress
Collapse )

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