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ROTATION: Fate/stay night

I'm sorry it took so long, RL has a much of matters that needed attending to and well... I ran into a lot of trouble uploading as well. I finally resort to zipping the tracks togethere.

Fate/stay night - Fate/Another Score
Download Here

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3. Be nice
4. Holler if anything's wrong.

That is all *drops dead of exhausion*

Spitz - Mikadzuki Rock

Apologies for the lateness. GLAY shall be coming soon.

Spitz - Mikadzuki Rock
01. Yoru wo Kakeru
02. Mizuiru no Machi
03. Sawatte, Kawatte
04. Mikanzu no theme
05. Bavarois
06. Lowtech-romantica
07. Hanemono
08. Umi wo Miniikou
09. Escargot
10. Haruka [album mix]
11. Gerbera
12. Tabi no Tochuu
13. Kemono Michi

Don't delete the songs--show some consideration, please. Schoolwork's keeping me busy, so there's a chance I might not be able to have time to re-up songs. Comment if you download, and if there's anything wrong with the links. Thank you.

Requests: Hikki and Clock Tower

As requested, we have...

Utada Hikaru's "Ultra Blue"

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Totally kick-ass album. Yeah! :D

Download me!

Clock Tower 3 OST

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Me too!

This tracklisting is way too massive for me to type out... Also, all the websites I looked at said there were only 48 tracks on the cd, but for some reason I have 50. o.O So I just uploaded all of them in a nice .zip file. I hope that works for everyone?

As usual, if you'd like specific tracks or something, let me know and I can up them. Enjoy!
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Escaflowne and Bonnie Pink

All files are hosted on my own webspace, so please be kind and download only one file at a time. Support the artists by buying their CDs. Comment if you download.

I had a few connection hiccups during the upload, let me know if anything is broken and I'll reupload ASAP

Vision of Escaflowne OST #2
More excellent music by Yoko Kanno. This album contains tracks with vocals by Gabriela Robin, ACEILUX, Mai Yamane, and Ohtani Ikue.
As with OST 1, this album is recorded in OGG format. Please visit Vorbis.com for more information about this filetype and players you can use to listen with. OGG should work fine in the newest version of Winamp.

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Bonnie Pink - Present
This is probably my favorite Bonnie Pink album ^^ Some of the lyrics are primarily in English, but crafted in that poetic way Japan seems to have down so well. Styles vary from soft piano and violin or acoustic guitar accompaniment to light, poppy, funky dancey stuff.
If you've never heard Bonnie Pink before, I recommend this album highly.

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Yo yo yo heres Hitomi Yaida's album Air/Cook/Sky. In my opinion its her best album, probably cause my favorite song by her, Chain, is on it. So yeah check her out. Shes hella cool. 

Hitomi Yaida-Air/Cook/Sky
1. Mienai Hikari
2. Hitori Jenga
3. Kodoku Na Cowboy
4. Chain
5. Keep on Movin
6. Mama To Daddy
7. Mother
8. Are You Ready, Boy
9. Slide Show
10. Hello
11. Kono Koi Wa Mou Shimatte Shimaou
蒼井 優 : air clouds

Rotation: Best of Hikaru no Go

Best of Hikaru no Go

Ah, Hikaru no Go. One of my favourite manga/anime of all time. Which is saying something because I only allow myself to get hooked onto really good ones XD. Anyway, this is good ol' anime music! Some songs are a bit on the techno-ish side with artists such as Dream and HAL, but all the songs are DAMN CATCHY (which is also saying something because I usually can't stand any thing with techno). Definitely highly recommended!

To the person who requested this, thanks to you I've fallen back into the phase in which HnG music gets stuck in my head for days or even weeks. It took me ages to get out of that! XD

01 Get Over
02 Bokura no Bouken
03 Hitomi no Chikara
04 I'll Be The One
05 Sincerely ~ever dream~
06 Days
07 Fantasy
08 Music Is My Thing
09 Get Over (Special Mix)

Comment if you download. Most importantly, always support the artists! Yes? ^_^
Koda Kumi//KumiLoves//Golden

Request: Chemistry - Wings of Words

[mood| bored]
[music| Wang Leehom feat. Jin - 「Heroes of Earth」]

I'm doing this early since work will make me too tired to make the 9th deadline. Anyways second bit of bad news, I'm missing two tracks. I guessit was during my laptop's HD meltdown that i lost the two tracks in the chaos. At least I have the single's namesake song..otherwise it would be kinda...sad.

At first I didn't think it'd work as a Gundam opening, i was wrong. It's a great song. I remember having to take back all my judgemental words and having to eat them after really liking the song.

As Always:
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02 Support the Artists
03 Enjoy

01 Wings of Words
02 わしを市民球場に連れてって。
04 Change The World