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Staff Pick ! Mika Nakashima - My Sugar Cat

Mika Nakashima - My Sugar Cat

Allow me to sidetrack for a moment: I LOVE THIS SINGLE'S COVER! Isn't it pretty? ♥

Ok back to the music, Mika Nakashima returns to her pre-NANA style of music with this single. I wasn't very impressed with it at the first listen, but it really grew on me after a while. Both songs are very soothing and relaxing stuff, with a playful edge and a nice beat. Kind of like the songs you'll chill out on the beach with, watching the sunset with drink in hand... you know what I mean? ^_^

01 My Sugar Cat
02 恋しくて
03 My Sugar Cat (instrumental)
04 恋しくて (instrumental)

Please comment if you download and most importantly, support the artists by buying their cds if you like their music.

Staff Pick

Hmm since I feel ive been losing touch with the j-rock bands of the past, and also i want the j-rock newcomers to get a feeling of how past j-rock was, I bring you the album Blue Blood by X-Japan. X-Japan is such a dynamic band in the variety of music they play and how well they play it. They can do rock ballads just as well as they can do hard rock. Just in all the most legendary japanese band ever. hide. . . . . . *cries*

So yeah enjoy ^__^

X-Japan-Blue Blood
1. Prologue ~World Anthem~
2. Blue Blood
3. Week End
4. Easy Fight Rambling
5. X (Hymne du Groupe)
6. Endless Rain
7. Kurenai
8. Xclamation
9. Orgasm
10. Celebration
11. Rose of Pain
12. Unfinished
Koda Kumi//KumiLoves//Golden

Staff Pick: Koda Kumi - 4 Hot Wave

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[music| Koda Kumi - 「Ningyohime」]

Even though IMO the cover isn't as awesome as it usually is...namely the text looks so...yeah it just doesn't look really awesome, almost amateur-ish...but that doesn't diminish any from the songs. I think the songs are pretty good. My favorites are Ningyohime and Juicy. I think they're pretty good. With your smile and I'll be there are the usual suspects and don't surprise me as much, but still are worth listening. Ohh yeah this CD doesn't 'officially' come out til tomorrow. but it got leaked. I've had the songs for a while except for the various intros, outrs, interludes...

The PVs are a different story.

I can't wait to get my CD+DVD version and get her first Photobook.

As Always:
01. Comment if you're d/l-ing. I have a presentation to make tomorrow..and soemhow i'd rather do this than finish my presentation for work.

02. Support the Artists. They work hard to make us lose money..but it's all worth it. You can buy this at Yesasia or CD Japan...or Amazon.

03. Don't tell me "I HATE the songs" that's not my problem.

04. Enjoy

05. If YSI decides to be a total Dick which it is right now...this might go onto a different service. WTF YSI?!?
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01. INTRODUCTION ~I'll be there~
02. Ningyohime
03. I'll Be There
04. INTERLUDE ~JUICY - Ningyohime~
05. Juicy
06. With Your Smile
07. OUTRODUCTION ~With your smile~
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My first staff pick! *v* I'm uplaoding this earlier because I have tests coming up soon and I'm not sure if I have the time then. And so today... I bring you guys ARASHI- 5x5!! It's their BEST collection from 2002-2004. ENJOY! 8DDD Please comment if you download! ^^;


01. Hero
02. 眼中的银河
03. 中途下车
06. 比言语更重要的东西
07. 赤脚的未来
08. Lucky Man
09. Blue
10. 不知所措
11. 冬天的味道
13. 失眠的身体
14. 心情超赞
15. a Day in Our Life
16. La tomenta 2004 (BONUS TRACK)
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Rotation + Staff Pick

Uploading this early because I'm leaving for a week on Sunday night. Savefile was being bad so I used YSI before realizing Sendspace lets me upload multiple files at once. Huzzah.

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♥ = must have/listen

Staff Pick - Death Note Tribute:
01. 秘密結社 / Suga Shikao feat. AMAZONS
02. 37.0℃ / Yaida Hitomi
03. Hands
06. DIABOLO ~Lucifer~ / Buck-Tick
07. アヴァンギャルド / COIL feat. Kyouko
08. 暗闇のナビゲイラ
10. Pursuit
12. L←→R
13. 我ら五人の侍なり ~We are five samurai~
14. オヤスミナサイ / Kinmokusei
15. 私のすごい方法

Usual stuff - comment if you download. Support the artist(s) if you like what you hear.