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ai otsuka - words on your lips

Bonnie Pink - Reminiscence

Geebus! Sorry this is late x_x If you guys accept excuses, mine is because I've been so sick I've become bedridden... In any case, I present to you:

Bonnie Pink - Reminiscence

01 Ordinary Angels
02 Perfect
03 Manic Monday
04 Got Me A Feeling
05 The Origin of Love
06 Don't Get Me Wrong
07 真夏の果実 [Manatsu no Kajitsu; Mid-Summer Fruit]
08 That's Just What You Are
09 Your Eyes
10 Through The Dark

If you don't know what to try out, I'd recommend Ordinary Angels, Perfect (♥!), Manatsu no Kajitsu, That's Just What You Are (My FAVORITE song on the album! Pure love! ♥♥♥), and Your Eyes. :)

Songs are on Mediafire because Savefile's not working for me at the moment. If you need an upload somewhere else, just ask.

By now you should know the rules, but here they are in case you need a reminder ;)
+ Please comment when you download
+ Please support the artists by buying their works

Coming up next is Younha - Go! Younha for sure...
ben barnes

rotation x 10!?

So... Sorry I suck at life! I haven't posted in months because of school, my family, and because I went to India for a month. Suffice to say, I will never go this long without uploading again. I'm gonna stop blabbing now, and give you what you really want: MUSIC!! And loads of it, too!
Make sure you:

x comment
x support
x enjoy
If you need a mirror or something, or if the link is faulty, please comment!

Chieco Kawabe - Shining!/cry baby
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YUI - I remember you
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Suga Shikao - Parade
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m-flo - works best II
Disc 1 "Works Best"
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Disc 2 "Mix CD"
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Last Alliance - Underground Blue
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Crystal Kay - Crystal Style
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Younha - Yubikiri
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Se7en - Aitai
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Se7en - Ari no Mama
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Rie Fu - Until I Say
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