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High and Mighty Color - GooVER

-->Full Zip (MegaUpload)

1. GooVER
2. Notice
3. Pride
4. Naked
5. Over
6. Days
7. Sweet Escape
9. What for...
10. Rain
11. With You

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Rules -

--> Comment if you download.
--> Support the artists
--> I won't be uploading individual tracks for this, unless the requester of that specific album is running on a dial-up connection.
--> Links will be taken down by next rotation.


[Edit] As much as I want to help people out so they can check these albums out, reupping these huge zip files is driving me nuts x__X;;; So, barring a requester needing their album reupped to a service they can use, I'm not going to reup anymore of these to a difference service. I'm sorry, but I just don't have the time to do it right now ._.~

[Edit #2] Okay, looks like almost all of the requesters have gotten their requested albums, and it's next rotation, so the links are going down~~~~~ ^^
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Rotation x 5

Bleach/Orange Range - Asterisk
1. *~アスタリスク~
2. ミッション in 大作戦
3. スパイラル
4. *~アスタリスク~ ロマンティックVer.

Gantz/Rip Slyme - Galaxy
3. Super Shooter

K - Beyond the Sea
01. Cover Girl
02. Girl Friend
03. Only Human
04. TAXI
05. 陸の上の舟
06. Beyond the Sea
07. Play Another One feat.Mummy-D(RHYMESTER)
08. Fly Away
09. Friends before Lovers
10. 抱きしめたい
11. over...
12. Bye My Friends

Rythem - 20 tsubu no Kokoro
1. 20粒のココロ
2. Dear Friend
3. song for you
4. 20粒のココロ (Instrumental)
5. Dear Friend (Instrumental)

UNDER GRAPH - Yubisaki Kara Sekai wo
1. ユビサキから世界を
2. 純心サイクル

♥ = must listen

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July 9th requests (supa early)

Here are the July 9th requests. I know I'm super early, but I think that's better then being late :P Anyway, enjoy these ^^

FLOW - Days

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01. Days
02. Journey
03. Fun Time Delivery
04. Days ~Vocalless Mix~
05. Days ~Eureka Opening Mix~

Hyde - 666

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01. sweet vanilla
02. Hello (album mix)
03. words of love
04. horizon
05. prayer
06. masquerade
07. midnight celebration
08. shining over you
09. fruits of chaos
10. hideaway

Please comment if you download and support the artist by buying their CDs. Enjoy ^^