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ai otsuka - words on your lips

Olivia - Synchronicity, w-inds. - It's in the Stars

Okay, so today we have Olivia's album "Synchronicity", and w-inds.'s single "It's in the Stars".

Please remember to comment when you download and support the artists by buying their works. :[

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I will have my last two uploads, Van Tomiko - Farewell, and Younha - Go! Younha up fairly soon. Patience is a virtue!

YUI + Kawashima Ai

And I'm back once more with two albums for you. And remember, PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU DOWNLOAD. BECAUSE YOUR COMMENTS ALWAY MAKES ME HAPPY. ♥

Oh, and sorry for the lack of album art. @_@ I've just been too lazy to add them along with my posts.

Oh, and if you're the person who requested for My Generation/Understand, I hope you can use Divshare. If not, go ahead and comment telling me so and I'll upload it onto something else, mediafire, savefile, etc.

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BoA - Hope Springs Eternal

Bonnie Pink - Bonnie's Kitchen #1

This is my last update for today. XDD;;;

1. Heaven's Kitchen
2. It's Gonna Rain!
3. Do You Crash?
4. かなわないこと (Kanawanai Koto; Unrivaled Things)
5. He
6. 犬と月 (Full Length Version) (Inu to Tsuki; Dog and the Moon)
7. Your Butterfly
8. 金魚 (Kingyo; Goldfish)
9. Lie Lie Lie
10. Surprise!
11. オレンジ (Orenji; Orange)
12. 背中 (Senaka; Back)
13. Maze Of Love
14. たとえばの話 (Tatoeba no Hanashi; A Possible Story)
15. One Night With Chocolate

Bonnie Pink's music is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL; I love it. Bonnie's Kitchen #1 is no exception. Her albums have always been a wonderful mix of different styles, especially her older albums. I highly recommend it. Don't ask me for recommended tracks; I wouldn't know where to start. XDD;;;

Please remember to comment if you download, support the artists if you enjoy their works, and overall, enjoy :)
gemini remote

Fukuyama, Ketsumeishi, Kobukuro, Quruli and Rythem

Fukuyama Masaharu - Milk Tea
* With DVD, Limited Edition
1. milk tea
2. 美しき花
4. あの夏も 海も 空も

Ketsumeishi - Tabibito
1. 旅人
2. いま会いに行く
3. 若気のいたり
4. さくら ~sugiurumn remix~

Kobukuro - STRAIGHT
01. blue blue
02. 手紙
03. 真実の口
04. 雪の降らない街
05. まーだだよ
07. 愛する人よ(Studio Live)
08. 背番号1
09. 昨日の日のワルツ
10. 宝島
11. Holy Snowy Night

1. Juice
2. ナイトライダー<QURULI ver.>

Rythem - Sakura Uta
1. 桜唄
2. 霞桜
3. 桜唄(Acoustic Ver.)
4. 桜唄(Instrumental)

Comment if downloading please.