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ai otsuka - words on your lips

Olivia - Synchronicity, w-inds. - It's in the Stars

Okay, so today we have Olivia's album "Synchronicity", and w-inds.'s single "It's in the Stars".

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I will have my last two uploads, Van Tomiko - Farewell, and Younha - Go! Younha up fairly soon. Patience is a virtue!
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Fukuyama, Ketsumeishi, Kobukuro, Quruli and Rythem

Fukuyama Masaharu - Milk Tea
* With DVD, Limited Edition
1. milk tea
2. 美しき花
4. あの夏も 海も 空も

Ketsumeishi - Tabibito
1. 旅人
2. いま会いに行く
3. 若気のいたり
4. さくら ~sugiurumn remix~

Kobukuro - STRAIGHT
01. blue blue
02. 手紙
03. 真実の口
04. 雪の降らない街
05. まーだだよ
07. 愛する人よ(Studio Live)
08. 背番号1
09. 昨日の日のワルツ
10. 宝島
11. Holy Snowy Night

1. Juice
2. ナイトライダー<QURULI ver.>

Rythem - Sakura Uta
1. 桜唄
2. 霞桜
3. 桜唄(Acoustic Ver.)
4. 桜唄(Instrumental)

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F.I.R. - I Wanna Fly

I'll post this now before I forget. AND, I have some description about this album. Apparently "I Wanna Fly" is a released single with only 5 tracks. For whatever reason, this "I Wanna Fly" version I have seems to be an extremely extended version of "Fairytale in Reality." I dunno, I borrowed this CD from a friend a long time ago and she apparently got it in Taiwan or something. Ah well, I suppose just enjoy it and I'm sorry most of the tracks are in mp4 format. What I get by ripping it using iTunes. ._.; And sorry if some of the translated titles are wrong. I got it off some random site and I don't know how accurate their translation can be. @_@ AND PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU DOWNLOAD. I ALWAYS LOVE FEEDBACK. THANK YOU.

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メリー and 中島美嘉


quote from Last.fm

Merry or Merii (メリー) is a Japanese rock band signed to Victor Entertainment, formed by Gara (ex-After Effect) and Yuu (ex-SHIVER) in October 2001. Their style of music is very catchy, incorporating elements of hard rock, punk, jazz, blues and beautiful ballads. In the band's earlier years, they were known for their eroguro image, characterized by black smudged make-up, heavy eyeliner and an overall dark atmosphere in their appearance. They have gradually toned down on this and adopted a more sophisticated style as they progressed, perhaps to appeal to a more mainstream audience.

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quote from Wiki.theppn

Nakashima Mika is a solo artist under the Sony Label. Her sound is usually a mix of jazz and pop; however, she is also known for her rock music when she acts in the role of Oosaki Nana for the NANA franchise.

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