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Hmm for my staff pick, im gonna choose a band that I just got into. The only reason I started listening to this band is cause I thought their name was cool, but it turns out they have good music. This band is Rentrer en Soi. Yeah theyre actually a very good band thats plays the kind of rock music that I like, which is not like very hard rock but with quick beats and melodic tones. Music kinda reminds me of a mix between L'arc~en~ciel and Plastic Tree. So this is their album Sphire-Croid.

Rentrer en Soi-Sphire Croid
1. A Prelude
2. Crystal Letter
3. Taikyou Naru Yousei Yuugi
4. Wither
5. Eyes of Forest
6. Last Word
7. Usu Koushoku
8. Iconoclasm
9. Secret Scars
10. Full Moon

Koda Kumi//KumiLoves//Golden

Staff Pick: Koda Kumi - 「Koi no Tsubomi」

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[music| Koda Kumi - 「Koi no Tsubomi」]

I know this is way early, but yesterday was the release date for Koda Kumi's latest single「Koi no Tsubomi」which I thought i'd share~!
plus i've been late the past like 4 rotations ._.

01. Play nice this is on YSI. that means 25 d/ls and no re-ups. (about 40+ hours into Kngdom Hearts)
02. Support the artists, buy the single.
03. Comment if you d/l..it's real simple.
04. Enjoy~!

I really like the song!It's very fitting for the summer and the themesong for the J-drama Busu no Hitomi ni Koishiteru. The picture is the cover for the DVD, i like this cover the best. =3
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01. Koi no Tsubomi
02. Koi no Tsubomi (A Cup Of Milk Tea Bossa Nova Version)
03. Koi no Tsubomi (Instrumental)
gemini remote

Staff Pick: Naohito Fujiki

I'm early! =D

For this rotation, I bring you Fujiki Naohito's newest single, Hey! Friends. Frankly, I had no idea he sings. I've only ever seen him in dramas (Saejima in GTO, Ono in Antique, Rui in Hana Yori Dango movie) so when I found this, I was surprised, albeit delightedly so. I so do love multi-talented men. ♥

2. 記憶の雨
3. HEY! FRIENDS-Hyper Club Friendly Mix-
4. HEY! FRIENDS-Karaoke-

Comment if you download and support the artist if you like what you hear!

By the way, anyone up to making a bright/cheery/etc. summer layout for this place? xD