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ai otsuka - words on your lips

Rotation x 5

You may proceed to whack me with a mallet! I apologize for such a late rotation.. x_x Savefile decided to hate me, but I wanted to have all the links on Savefile if half the CD was already on it.

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three albums, in various states of industriousness.

EDIT:: Since nobody else has posted I figured what the heck reuploads go here.

Miyamoto Shunichi - for someone needs love (mirrory thing)

Luna Sea - Symphonic Luna Sea (megaupload link)

Yeah.... I got distracted and forgot to actually upload. Come to think of it, these may or may not actually be my request batch.

Miyamoto Shunichi - for someone needs love

(leave a comment if you want individual tracks uploaded)

RURUTIA - promised land

01.ハレルヤ (hallelujah)
03.アラベスク (arabesque)
04.シンシア (sincere)
05.トロイメライ (traeumerei)
06.ジゼル (jizeru)
07.流れ星 (nagareboshi)
08.メリー (meri-)
10.月千一夜 (tsuki senichiya)
11.maururu roa
This album is so popular! I feel like I upload it every rotation... but take it NOW.

Symphonic Luna Sea

1. Call For Love
2. Rejuvenescence
3. Wall
4. Moon
5. Believe
6. Dejavu
7. Providence
8. Wish

I swear these things had real filenames when I uploaded them. >.<

Comment if you download, lalala, etc. YSI was being really weird and all "this might last for 25 downloads... OR MAYBE TEN!!!!!!!ONE!" So if you need reuploading and it's not like... two weeks from now, go ahead and ask.

Mirage of Blaze OST

Sorry I'm a little late on this one. I've been busy with end of the semester woes. But I'm here now with the Mirage of Blaze TV series soundtrack, so please enjoy. This is a dark and gorgeous soundtrack for a dark and gorgeous anime, and I love it very much. As usual, recommended tracks are starred, and comment if you download. If the links expire, let me know and I'll try to upload them again.

Mirage of Blaze TV Series OST
1. 炎渦の邂逅~「戦国残影」より~ *
2. 漆黒の妖雲
3. 業火
4. 乱世の鳴動
5. 対峙
6. 遥かなる残照~「戦国残影」より~ *** ♥
7. 束の間の夕凪
8. 霧杳の途 *
9. 憂い
10. 静寂 *
11. 悠遠の追憶 *
12. 闇からの烽
13. 浄化の燐光 *
14. 群雄の嘆き *
15. うたかたの願い *
16. 懐想の籟
17. 震撼
18. 示現
19. ひび割れた絆
20. 鎮魂 *
21. Blaze 2002 *

Sen to Chihiro, H.M.K.U., FMA

Tonight I have for you the Spirited Away soundtrack, Home Made Kazoku's debut album "Rock the World!" and the "Fullmetal Alchemist Complete Best" collection. Three excellent CDs, I daresay. Here goes:



01. It's da Dai Naka SHOW!!!
02. Home Party
03. On the Run
04. Aikotoba

05. Asunaro no Ki
06. Kuuneru Asobu
07. Oooh! Ie~!
08. Koi no Decibel

09. Thank You!!
10. Mochiron
11. Live on Direct pt. 3
12. Mr. Tough Guy

13. Summer Time Magic
14. Homerareru to Nobiru Type
15. Home Sweet Home (Reborn)
16. Life Goes On and On

I *love* Home Made Kazoku. They're one of my favorite bands, English or Japanese or any other language. I'd classify their style as a really kickass combination of funk and hip-hop. They have a wonderful, upbeat, cheerful feel and never fail to put a smile on my face. They've got lots more songs than the sixteen featured here but Rock the World! is a nice first taste. If any of you have heard the Bleach ending song "Thank You!!" (available here), or the Eureka Seven opening song "Shounen Heart" (available on HMK's sophomore release, Musication) you should already know how crazy awesome these guys are. The best part is, their range is not limited to "chill" songs like "Thank You!!" or upbeat songs like "Shounen Heart." They've got lots of different fun to offer. I *highly* recommend you check them out. My favorites from this album are "On the Run," "Asunaro no Ki," "Homerareru to Nobiru Type," and "Home Sweet Home (Reborn)."



01. One Summer's Day
02. A Road to Somewhere
03. The Empty Restaraunt
04. Nighttime Coming
05. The Dragon Boy

06. Sootballs
07. Procession of the Spirits
08. Yubaba
09. Bathhouse Morning
10. Day of the River

11. It's Hard Work!
12. The Stink Spirit
13. Sen's Courage
14. The Bottomless Pit
15. No Face

16. 6th Station
17. Yubaba's Panic
18. The House at Swamp Bottom

19. Reprise
20. Return
21. Always With Me

Joe Hisaishi is a genius. He shares the spot of my favorite composer with Yoko Kanno. Hisaishi, in case you're unfamiliar with the name, is the composer best known in the otaku world for his soundtracks for Hayao Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli films. He's composed the music for Nausicaa, Laputa, Kiki, Porco Rosso, Mononoke, Spirited Away, and Howl, so if you've seen any of these movies and thought the music was good, Joe Hisaishi is why. Of course, he's done plenty outside of Studio Ghibli, including another fan favorite, the soundtrack to the movie "Kikujiro," famous for its unforgettable main theme "Summer." The sountrack to Spirited Away is no exception to Hisaishi's greatness. Of course, the music is much more enjoyable if you've seen the movie, but Hisaishi is one of those composers you can enjoy even without having seen the source material. Scene association does help bring out the best in each track, though, and Spirited Away is nothing short of a perfect movie (just like almost every other Ghibli movie out there) so if you haven't seen it, you're really missing out...



01. "Melissa" by Porno Graffitti
02. "Kesenai Tsumi" by Nana Kitade
03. "READY STEADY GO" by L'arc~en~Ciel
04. "Tobira no Mukou he" by Yellow Generation
06. "Motherland" by Crystal Kay
07. "Rewrite" by Asian Kung-Fu Generation
08. "I Will" by Sowelu

Fullmetal Alchemist is one of my favorite anime series. It's an action/adventure by BONES. BONES is an anime studio with a nearly perfect track record (RahXephon, Wolf's Rain, Scrapped Princess are the best-known ones aside from FMA, though I'd argue that Eureka Seven is their best). Anyway, with FMA and Eureka, BONES adopted a "new op/ed per quarter" policy. The songs here are arranged thus: first opening, first ending, second opening, second ending, and so on. With both FMA and Eureka, BONES pulled some really good ones on us! Let's look at this collection, though, since that's the one offered. Established and well-respected artists such as Porno Graffitti, L'arc, AKFG, and Sowelu made a showing, whereas totally new artists such as Nana Kitade and COOL JOKE also made their breakthroughs here. Honestly, I recommend *every* song in this collection. Okay, okay, Motherland may not have exactly fit FMA, but it sure was a solid pop song! So yeah. If you're a J-rock/J-pop fan, you can't pass this by. My favorites are ... actually, I don't really have favorites. All eight songs are just too damn good.


All files are in .wma format. Enjoy~! And please comment if you download anything!

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Green by B'z. Ughh this was such an ugly album. I only bought it because it was 5 dollars. Meh whatever ill upload it nonetheless.  Now as usual its on yousendit and you need an unzipping program to unzip it.

1. Stay Green
2. Atsuki Kodou No Hate
3. Warp
4. Signal
5. Surfin' 3000GTR
6. Blue Sunshine
7. Ultra Soul
8. Utsukushiki Sekai
9. Everlasting
10. Forever Mine
11. The Spiral
12. Go Fight Win

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