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ai otsuka - words on your lips

Ai Otsuka - Love Jam, The Brilliant Green - The Brilliant Green

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[Music| The Brilliant Green - Tsumetai Hana]

Sorry for the semi-late rotation.. Tried using savefile since it's been quite common around here. (It's pretty convenient too!) It was being buggy here or there, so please tell me if you need a file reuploaded!

Ai Otsuka - Love Jam

01. Superman
02. Happy Days
03. Strawberry Jam
04. Daisuki Da Yo
05. Sensu
06. Mousou Chop
07. Pon Pon
08. Futatsuboshi Kinenbi
09. Kingyo Hanabi
10. Kuroge Wagyuu Joshio Tan Yaki 735 Yen
11. Friends

The Brilliant Green - The Brilliant Green
(Self-titled album!)

01. I'm in Heaven
02. Tsumetai Hana
03. You & I
04. Always and Always
05. Stand By
06. Magic Place
07. "I"
08. Baby London Star
09. There Will Be Love There ~Ai no Aru Basho~
10. Rock'n Roll

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Samurai Champloo - playlist

1. thank you
2. yet? why not?
3. strike back
4. let me know what U think
5. mists
6. flip
7. absolute
8. adapt myself
9. tuned
10. no icon
11. stretch out
12. process
13. reflective
14. deeper than words
15. 2 messages
16. the updater
17. offers

eh, after a while every single Champloo song starts to sound the same. granted, it's not a bad sound, but still.

RURUTIA - primary

01. primary
02. rira ga chitte mo
03. selenite

umm... yeah. sorry about the filenames. I ripped it from my CD like two minutes ago, and forgot that YSI eats Japanese file names, which is what the file rips as. stupid YSI.
don't let the mean filenames stop you from trying this out, by the way... while not her best single it's still worth a listen.

comment if you download, if any of these idiot files causes problems, etc.


a little late? o_o

SaveFile was having some issues with their servers at the time I was uploading this, so sorry if it took a bit of a while to get this one out.

Disc I
Disc II

You know the rules. Comment if you're downloading, else one of us WILL hunt you down. Show your love and appreciation, please. ^_^