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rotation x 10!?

So... Sorry I suck at life! I haven't posted in months because of school, my family, and because I went to India for a month. Suffice to say, I will never go this long without uploading again. I'm gonna stop blabbing now, and give you what you really want: MUSIC!! And loads of it, too!
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Chieco Kawabe - Shining!/cry baby
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YUI - I remember you
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Suga Shikao - Parade
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m-flo - works best II
Disc 1 "Works Best"
Collapse )
Disc 2 "Mix CD"
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Last Alliance - Underground Blue
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Crystal Kay - Crystal Style
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Younha - Yubikiri
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Se7en - Aitai
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Se7en - Ari no Mama
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Rie Fu - Until I Say
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Koda Kumi//MAROC//True Freedom

Request: Koda Kumi - Love and Honey

[mood| amused]
[music| Koda Kumi -「BUT」]

Ohh SNAP...i've forgotten how to do this...seriously. Ohh and It's probably time to add to the Koda Kumi I have on the playlist.

Koda Kumi - Love and Honey

Zip-ed into one neat easy to leech package.

01 Cutie Honey
02 Into Your Heart
03 The Theme of Sister Jill
04 Yogiri no Honey
05 Cutie Honey~Instrumental~
06 Into Your Heart~Instrumental~

Ohh wait...just like riding a bike.

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