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蒼井 優 : air clouds

Tokyo Babylon - Single Triple CD Set + Staff Pick

Sorry for the delay! Here I bring to you CLAMP's Tokyo Babylon - Single Triple CD Set and my staff pick for the month.

Tokyo Babylon - Single Triple CD Set
Consists of 3 mini-cds containing tracks that reflect each of the 3 major TB characters' images respectively; Sumeragi Subaru (DISC 1), Sumeragi Hokuto (DISC 2) and Sakurazuka Seishirou (DISC 3).

DISC 01 Track 01 - Who's That Boy
DISC 01 Track 02 - Kiss Kiss
DISC 02 Track 01 - Love Is Cash
DISC 02 Track 02 - Rainbow Gossip
DISC 03 Track 01 - My Lover
DISC 03 Track 02 - Kimi No Sumu Machikado

Angela Aki - Kiss Me Good-Bye
Kiss Me Good-Bye is the theme song of Final Fantasy XII and is composed by the famed Uematsu Nobuo. Angela Aki also has a truly gorgeous voice. ^_^ You can't miss this wonderful combination!

01 Kiss Me Good-Bye
02 Santa Fé
03 Aoi Kage (青い影)
04 Kiss Me Good-Bye (featured in FINAL FANTASY XII)

Enjoy! You know the rules, comment if you download and PLEASE do support the artists!
ai otsuka - words on your lips

Rotation x 2

Utada Hikaru - Dareka no Negai ga Kanau Koro

01. Dareka no Negai ga Kanau Koro
02. Dareka no Negai ga Kanau Koro (Instrumental)


Puffy AmiYumi - An Illustrated History

01. Love so Pure
02. True Asia
03. That's the Way it Is
04. Electric Beach Fever
05. Wild Girls on Circuit
06. Sign of Love (Captain Funk's Puffy de Samba Mix)
07. Puffy de Rumba
08. Talalan
09. Sunday Girls
10. Friends
11. Mother
12. Neholina
13. Brand New Days
14. Stray Cats Fever
15. Puffy's Rule
16. Jet Police


Comments are mucho appreciated, and don't forget to support our artists! ^O^

"Nagai Yume" and "HANABI (Kimi Ga Ita Natsu)"

And I have for you two singles. LEAVE COMMENTS IF YOU DOWNLOAD. Thank you and have a nice day. ^_^

YUKI - Nagai Yume
1. Nagai Yume
2. Nagai Yume (Harco Remix)
3. Nagai Yume (Instrumental)

ZONE - HANABI (Kimi Ga Ita Natsu)
1. HANABI (Kimi Ga Ita Natsu)
2. HANABI (Takayo Ocean Version)
3. HANABI (Miyu Ocean Version)
4. HANABI (Maiko Ocean Version)
5. HANABI (Mizuho Ocean Version)
6. HANABI (Instrumental)

Final Fantasy 7 Original Soundtrack

...I hope I got the tags for this one straight. o_o If they're not correct, please inform me. @_@

Anyhow, here's the original soundtrack to Final Fantasy 7, which is considered to be one of the greatest RPGs ever released. It's a personal favorite of mine too. :3 Although the music's still got that 8-bit feel to it, it's not hard to pick out Nobuo Uematsu's artistry in all of the tracks. I can't pick out any real favorite, although I'll have to say that there are a lot of trippy tracks in the third and fourth discs.

Disc One
Disc Two
Disc Three
Disc Four

Comment if you're downloading, and let me know if there are any problems... note that Savefile can get finnicky at times, so if you're having trouble downloading some tracks just try again in a minute or so. You know the drill, folks. If you decide to shamelessly leech without even a peep of gratitude, I WILL hunt you down and skin you. With a blunt knife.

Have a nice day. ^_^
gemini remote

Rotation - because I won't have time later

01. 明日への場所
03. 鋼のこころ
04. 月の裏側.
05. 少年よ、信じるなかまよ
06. 雨の日はノー・サンキュー
07. あの夢の向こうへ
08. ボクハココニイル
09. トランス トゥ ホムンクルス
11. 恋愛参考書~Love reference book~
12. 銀時計
13. そして今日も世界は
15. パパと遊ぼう
16. 明日への場所-Acoustic version-
17. 月の裏側.-Bossa nova version-
18. あの夢の向こうへ-Orchestra version-
19. BOY FRIENDS -Honey love version-
20. そして今日も世界は-UK mix version-
21. LASTMEETing.
22. Good!

K - Beyond the Sea
01. Cover Girl
02. Girl Friend
03. Only Human
04. TAXI
05. 陸の上の舟
06. Beyond the Sea
07. Play Another One feat.Mummy-D(RHYMESTER)
08. Fly Away
09. Friends before Lovers
10. 抱きしめたい
11. over...
12. Bye My Friends

UVERworld - Timeless
02. トキノナミダ
03. Rush
04. D-tecnoLife
05. 優しさの雫
06. ai ta 心(Album Version)
07. Burst
08. Nitro
09. just Melody(Album Version)
10. Lump Of Affection
11. 扉
12. SE
13. D-tecnoLife(Album Version)

Comment if you download.

I'm getting a head start...

A bit early on the rotation, but I figure it's best to post if I have the time. So, for the March 27th rotation we have...the Shaman King Image Album! Well, let me explain a little. I believe the image album is the one with a few songs and lots of dialogue tracks on it. And, incidentally, it is 2000 miles away from me right now. With me right now I have the vocal collection album, which has all the characters' songs. So, since that is what I have with me, I'm gonna post that... I'm really sorry if anyone had their heart set on the other album! T_T If you really really want it, just comment to let me know and I can send it to you pronto when I have access to it again. Again, I'm sooo sorry!

Well, here's the Vocal Collection.

Zip File Fun

Track List
Album: シャーマンキング ボーカルコレクション ~歌の万辞苑~
1. Over Soul (TV VERSION)
2. 花、星、空
3. その先のJustice
4. 流露(TAO-REN Ver.)
5. trust you
6. JOH!仏
7. ちみ・ちみMORYO
9. 白い月
10. りんごウラミウタ
11. trust you (TV VERSION)
12. ちみ・ちみMORYO(POWER)
13. JOH!仏 (FUNK)
14. Over Soul

As usual, please comment if you download, let me know if the link gets messed up, or if you want individual tracks, et cetera et cetera and so forth. SUPPORT ARTISTS, BUY ALBUMS!!!

...again, I apologize for not having the Image Album with me! T-T