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ai otsuka - words on your lips

Rotation x 2!

Sorry this is a bit late! Today we have M-flo's "Astromantic" and Day After Tomorrow's "Moon Gate". M-flo's album is a good listen and DAT's single has "Starry Heavens" - which I totally recommend everyone to listen to, because it's seriously one of their best songs. Um, I apologize for the weird variety of links - Savefile didn't let me upload the last part of Astromantic, so tracks 7-17 are on YouSendit.

Comment/support the artists if you take, and enjoy! ♥

M-flo - Astromantic

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Day After Tomorrow - Moon Gate

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ben barnes

rotation x 10!?

A bunch of stuff in this post, guys! And, yes, I am aware of the fact that I suck at life! RL took over...& [insert lame excuse here]. On with the music!!
w-inds./Flame/Lead - buddies
aiko - kanojo
do as infinity - true song
spitz - cycle hit
love for nana ~only one tribute~
mika nakashima - yes
rie fu - until i say
ryohei - relisten
asian kung-fu generation - houkai amplifier
chemistry - fo(u)r
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gemini remote

Home Made Kazoku, Kagrra, Rhymester

Home Made Kazoku - Kimi ga kureta mono
1. 君がくれたもの
3. サルビアのつぼみ(Liga Oriente Remix)
* The first filename contains an error. You can either rename it to the correct title or leave it as it is - up to you.

Kagrra, - Shizuku
1. うたかた
2. さようなら
3. 風
4. 維新
5. 破戒
6. 運命の糸
7. 「叫び」
8. 霞んだ冬の向こうに…
9. 雫

Rhymester - Made in Japan~THE BEST OF RHYMESTER~ ♥ MUST LISTEN!
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As always, comment if you download anything please. Buy the album(s) if you like what you hear. If some of the files don't download, let me know and I'll re-upload them elsewhere.



oshare kei/metal

last.fm wrote:
Danger☆Gang was formed in September 2002 by Waka (vocals) and Hiko, with support members Ka-e (bass) and Rei (drums). In January 2003, Ka-e become a full-time band member. Their first live performance was at "akadanobaba area" on January 15, 2003. In March, they recorded their first single "Danger☆Gang no theme". It was sold early at "Takadanobu area" on March 26. In April, "Danger☆Gang no theme" went on sale in Indies CD shops in Tokyo. In June, Rei become full-time member. The second press of "Danger☆Gang no theme" (100 copies limitation) went on sale. In July, Danger*Gang released their first mini-album "CRASH". The "CRASH A DIVE TOUR" started in September and ended October 30, 2003. In December, 2003, Ka-e sadly left Danger☆Gang. Her last live performance was on December 28 at "Urawa NARUSHISU".

In January 2005, Thera joined Danger☆Gang. In July, they released their second single "Samurai", which started being sold at "Urawa NARUSHISU" on July 30. A tour began soon afterwards, and ended in September at "Urawa NARUSHISU".


Doku Rock
Release Date: June ??, 2006

2nd mini album, Thera's second recording with band
Recommended Tracks:
burst out


Track Listing:
01. core -kokoro-
02. burst out
03. kodoku no kesshou
04. kaizoku no uta
05. s
06. crash

Bitrate: 192-197 kbps
Size: 29 MB

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