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rotation x 10!?

A bunch of stuff in this post, guys! And, yes, I am aware of the fact that I suck at life! RL took over...& [insert lame excuse here]. On with the music!!
w-inds./Flame/Lead - buddies
aiko - kanojo
do as infinity - true song
spitz - cycle hit
love for nana ~only one tribute~
mika nakashima - yes
rie fu - until i say
ryohei - relisten
asian kung-fu generation - houkai amplifier
chemistry - fo(u)r
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ai otsuka - words on your lips

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Wow... I'm really bad. Sorry that this is so late, guys. I present to you: Mika Nakashima - Glamorous Sky, Chihiro Onitsuka - Insomnia, Namie Amuro - Queen of Hip-Hop, and Anna Tsuchiya - Strip Me? (There's a GREAT selection here.)

Note: I'm not entirely done uploading the Anna Tsuchiya album. All the songs will be up tomorrow.

+ Please comment if you download anything
+ Please support the artists
+ Please enjoy! ♥

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Remioromen - Flash and Gleam

Sorry for being late. Oh, and Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Remioromen - Flash and Gleam

Flash Disc
01. Moratorium
02. 1-2 Love Forever
04. Kasa Kurage
05. Satsuki Ame
08. Kamifubuki
09. Konayuki
10. Minami Kaze
11. Ameagari
13. Sangatsu Kokonoka
14. Taiyou no Shita
15. Ryuusei

Gleam Disc
01. Airando

I believe this to be a collection of Remioromen's live performances. They do an excellent job live though. AND PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU DOWNLOAD. Thank you!!! =3
gemini remote

Home Made Kazoku, Mr. Children, SunSet Swish

Home Made Kazoku - Salvia no Tsubomi x You'll alright with Noriyuki Makihara
1. サルビアのつぼみ
2. You'll be alright with 槇原敬之
3. 何型ですか???
4. サルビアのつぼみ (instrumental)
5. You'll be alright (instrumental)

HOME MADE KAZOKU - Shounen Heart
1. 少年ハート
2. 空と海の出会うところ
3. 少年ハート (Instrumental)

Mr. Children - Shirushi
1. しるし
2. ひびき
3. くるみ -for the film-幸福な食卓

SunSet Swish - Kimi ga Iru Kara
1. 君がいるから
2. 会いに行くよ
3. 君がいるから (オリジナル・カラオケ)

Remember to comment if you download anything and go buy the album(s)!