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Wow... I'm really bad. Sorry that this is so late, guys. I present to you: Mika Nakashima - Glamorous Sky, Chihiro Onitsuka - Insomnia, Namie Amuro - Queen of Hip-Hop, and Anna Tsuchiya - Strip Me? (There's a GREAT selection here.)

Note: I'm not entirely done uploading the Anna Tsuchiya album. All the songs will be up tomorrow.

+ Please comment if you download anything
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+ Please enjoy! ♥

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Koichi Domoto, Home Made Kazoku, Tohoshinki, and can/goo

I'm a day early. And I'm trying out 4shared. I don't know if that's any better than Sendspace (which is what I've been using so far) but I like the multi-upload function much better than Sendspace so you get 4shared and if it sucks, OH WELL. Don't ask me to upload it anywhere else because I ignore such requests due to time constraints.

Doumoto Koichi - Mirror [Regular Edition]
01. 愛の十字架~Promise 2U~
02. Deep in your heart
03. One more XXX... | Mirror Link
05. 下弦の月
06. Take me to...
07. Spica
08. Shadows On The Floor
09. ヴェルヴェット・レイン
10. Addicted
11. 追憶の雨
12. + MILLION but - LOVE
13. -so young blues- 2006 (bonus track)

can/goo - Kokoro no Uta
01. 教えてあげる
02. 君の味方
03. 刻印
04. まぼろし
05. 冬の月の下で | Mirror Link
06. ココロのうた
07. 鏡の中
08. 愛すべき君に
09. あなたですか
10. ウソ
11. チャンス~遅咲きBloomer~
12. ひとつ=運命共同体
13. まぼろし~epilogue~

Home Made Kazoku - Joyride
2. 学びの窓
3. ライフワーク!?
4. JOYRIDE(Instrumental)

1. Oooh!家~!
2. LET IT BE~あるがままに~
3. メリーゴーランド
5. 口約束から始まる物語~151125~

TOHOSHINKI - Begin [Jacket A]
And before you ask - no, I will not upload the contents of the DVD (which is an interview and the PV for Begin.)
1. Begin
2. High time
3. Begin(less vocal)
4. High time(less vocal)

Comment if you download anything and go buy the damn album(s)!

P.S. Who here happens to be going to the Diru NY concert on Saturday?