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Make a Wish Rotation
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Make a Wish Rotation
Only users whose names appear on this list are allowed to upload. All others who wish to join the team, please see this post.

Rotation Maintainers:
- ___hoshikuzu
- aby_chan
- baka_bunnies
- bolei_cha
- darkyo
- famousalchemist ADMIN
- fiyaamoon
- fukai_no_yami
- garasu_no_bara M.I.A
- icydr3amz
- karui_michiba M.I.A
- love_en_grey
- m_inglorion
- misty_avalon
- nikhos
- nizlaili
- pokari
- pur_icle
- quentin_w
- simply_kim
- transmute_this
- yeu
Download Rules:
1. Always leave a comment if you download anything.
2. Support the artists by buying their CDs.
3. Never change the encoder information on the ID3 tag. You may change the title or album, but anything related to the identity of the encoder CANNOT be altered in any way.

Request Rules:
1. Each person gets only one request per rotation.
2. Do not give us the names of 2+ albums and make us choose one for you.
3. Do not request albums that none of us have. CHECK THE PLAYLIST! If it's not there, WE DON'T HAVE IT.
4. Requests for the same album(s) cannot be made for two consecutive rotations. Please wait another rotation to request for the album again.
5. There will be a specially marked entry where you must leave your request if you want it to be uploaded. Do not request via the rotation entries. This is to ensure that all requests are left in the same place, instead of being scattered everywhere.
6. Do not request individual songs. There are enough mp3 rotation sites already.

Chat Rules:
1. Do not leave openly discriminatory entries.
2. Do not spam the community with ads for other communities.
3. Topics are not limited to music alone, but that is preferred.


Affiliates: (to affiliate, please leave a comment to famousalchemist)
.hack, /\ucifer, ai no kusabi, aikawa nanase, aishiteruze baby, akino arai, ali project, angel sanctuary, angela, angelic layer, anime, aquarian age, asian kung-fu generation, asian music, ayashi no ceres, ayatsuri sakon, b'z, beck, black jack, bleach, bonnie pink, bump of chicken, bust a move, can/goo, card captor sakura, castlevania, chemistry, chitose hajime, chobits, chrono cross, chrono crusade, chrono trigger, clamp campus detectives, cool joke, core of soul, cowboy bebop, crystal kay, d.n.angel, day after tomorrow, dir en grey, do as infinity, dream, duel jewel, e's otherwise, earth girl arjuna, every little thing, exile, fake, fantastic children, fiction junction yuuka, final fantasy, flame of recca, flcl, flow, fruit basket, full metal alchemist, fushigi yuugi, gackt, gankutsuou, ghost in the shell, glay, goto maki, gundam, hamasaki ayumi, hellsing, hikaru no go, home made kazoku, hound dog, hunter x hunter, hyde, i've, initial d, inuyasha, j-music, j-pop, j-rock, jmusic, jpop, jrock, judy and mary, kaggra, kajiura yuki, kanno yoko, ketsumeishi, kids alive, kimeru, kinki kids, koda kumi, kokia, kuraki mai, kyou kara maou, l'arc-en-ciel, luna sea, m-flo, malice mizer, matsuura aya, minagawa junko, mirage of blaze, miyavi, moi dix moix, move, mp3, mp3 rotation, music, music rotation, nakashima mika, namie amuro, nana kitade, naruto, neon genesis evangelion, noir, one piece, orange range, otsuka ai, para para max, porno graffitti, psycho le cemu, rahxephon, rurouni kenshin, rurutia, saiyuki, sakamoto maaya, samurai 7, samurai champloo, senkaiden houshin engi, shaman king, shibasaki kou, shimatani hitomi, shin sangoku musou, soukyuu no fafner, sowelu, sukisyo, switch, t.m.revolution, tactics, tales of symphonia, tamaki nami, tennis no oujisama, the brilliant green, utada hikaru, vision of escaflowne, w-inds, weiss kreuz, wolf's rain, x, yaida hitomi, yami no matsuei, yu yu hakusho, yu-gi-oh, zone

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