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Random Uploads. ^^

Been a long time since I last posted, yeah? Well, for today, I'm posting a LOT of music links. XD There are some new ones, but I have shared some of these before. The links are still active, so I'm pimping. XD

Feel Free to download~! ^_^♥♥♥


1. Bleach Second Session: Kariya, Ririn, Cloud & Nova
2. Buck-Tick: Alice in Wonder Underground
3. MUCC: Libra
4. Parade ~Respective Tracks of Buck-Tick~
5. Prince of Tennis - Tezuka Kunimitsu: With)
6. Gravitation Sound Story I


1. X1999: Sadame
2. X1999: Sadame ~Piano Version~
3. Nightwalker: Buck-Tick: Gessekai
4. Crashers Knight & Ran - Knight: Seki Toshihiko: Look of Love
5. Crashers Knight & Ran - Ran: Koyasu Takehito: Someday
6. Crashers Knight & Ran - Knight: Seki Toshihiko: Flowers
7. Gravitation: Kotani Kinya: Anti-Nostalgic
8. Gankutsuou: Jean-Jacques Burnel: We were Lovers
9. Schwarz Zweit - Brad Crawford: Okiayu Ryoutarou: Este
10. Schwarz Ein - Naoe Nagi: Sasaki Nozomu: Mayfly
11. Weiss Kreuz: Shadows and Lights
12. Weiss Kreuz: Epitaph ~KSMY Version~
13. Yami no Matsuei: To Destination: Eden
14. Sugizo: Synchronicity
15. Sugizo: The Cage
16. Gakuen Heaven: Fujioka Masaaki: Panorama
17. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: Break the Sword of Justice
18. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles - Syaoran x Sakura (Duet): Tsubasa
19. Hungry Heart Wild Striker: Mi-Title
20. Initial D: Galla: Kimi ga Iru

There you go! Enjoy~! ♥

EXTRA: I have some doujins posted [HERE]. Feel free to download them as well. ^_^♥
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