July 9th, 2006

gemini remote

Rotation x 5

Bleach/Orange Range - Asterisk
1. *~アスタリスク~
2. ミッション in 大作戦
3. スパイラル
4. *~アスタリスク~ ロマンティックVer.

Gantz/Rip Slyme - Galaxy
3. Super Shooter

K - Beyond the Sea
01. Cover Girl
02. Girl Friend
03. Only Human
04. TAXI
05. 陸の上の舟
06. Beyond the Sea
07. Play Another One feat.Mummy-D(RHYMESTER)
08. Fly Away
09. Friends before Lovers
10. 抱きしめたい
11. over...
12. Bye My Friends

Rythem - 20 tsubu no Kokoro
1. 20粒のココロ
2. Dear Friend
3. song for you
4. 20粒のココロ (Instrumental)
5. Dear Friend (Instrumental)

UNDER GRAPH - Yubisaki Kara Sekai wo
1. ユビサキから世界を
2. 純心サイクル

♥ = must listen

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High and Mighty Color - GooVER

-->Full Zip (MegaUpload)

1. GooVER
2. Notice
3. Pride
4. Naked
5. Over
6. Days
7. Sweet Escape
9. What for...
10. Rain
11. With You

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Rules -

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--> Support the artists
--> I won't be uploading individual tracks for this, unless the requester of that specific album is running on a dial-up connection.
--> Links will be taken down by next rotation.


[Edit] As much as I want to help people out so they can check these albums out, reupping these huge zip files is driving me nuts x__X;;; So, barring a requester needing their album reupped to a service they can use, I'm not going to reup anymore of these to a difference service. I'm sorry, but I just don't have the time to do it right now ._.~

[Edit #2] Okay, looks like almost all of the requesters have gotten their requested albums, and it's next rotation, so the links are going down~~~~~ ^^