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Staff Pick: 1 Litre of Tears OST

Hi there! Long time no see. I haven't uploaded in ... don't ask, even I don't know anymore, but I was just never on the list and when staff picks came around I didn't know what to upload, because I haven't bought any new music in months, I think it has been at least as long as I haven't uploaded anymore.
But I watched my first JDorama last week (always the late bloomer *lol*) and I liked the music so much, I decided it would make a great staff pick upload.
So I proudly presen:

TV Drama 1 Liter no Namida - Original Soundtrack

1. 1リットルの涙 ~メイン・テーマ~
2. ハードルを越えて
3. あなたが教えてくれたもの ~愛のテーマ~
4. 優しさに包まれて
5. 暗示
6. 砂時計
7. 君へのロング・パス
8. 落日
9. 忍び寄る病魔
10. ふり仰げば青い空
11. 涙の意味
12. 宣告
13. もう歌えない
14. 手を伸ばせばあなたが
15. 苦悩の旋律
16. 流れゆく時間
17. 探してごらん
18. 賑やかな団欒
19. 透明な世界
20. 生命ある限り ~サブ・テーマ~
21. Only Human Piano Version
22. 粉雪 Piano Version
23. Only Human Cello Version

Download at Megaupload

It's completely instrumental, but it's a beautiful mix of sad and happy tunes, which helped to light up this heavily dark themed drama so much.
Tags: 06/30/06 staff pick

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