Andrew (quentin_w) wrote in _uta,

Request: Gundam SEED Destiny Complete BEST

[mood| sleepy]
[music| Koda Kumi - 「Love Goes Like...」]

Sorry i'm late...i almost forgot..and b/c i'm kinda that school is done. It's on YSI b/c i start my summer research position play nice and the like.

1. Comment if you d/l
2. Support the artists
3. Read the rules
4. Play Nice
5. Enjoy!

Drop me a line if anything goes wrong.

01 Ignited
02 Reason
04 Life Goes On
05 Bokutachi no Yukue
06 I Wanna Go To A Place
07 Wings of Words
08 Kimi wa Boku no Niteiru
09 Meteor
10 Vestige
11 Reason -NYLON Stay Cool Mix-
12 PRIDE ~ 'Phantom pain' norishirobreakmegamix~
13 Wings of Words (alas de palabras)
Tags: 5/10/06 rotation

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