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Urban Decay Cosmetics

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This is for fans of URBAN DECAY cosmetics. We're hear to talk about UD products, show off UD looks, and ask for tips on UD products, etc.

There aren't many rules, just please try to keep your posts make-up and Urban Decay related.

SALES POSTS are occasionally okay, but we do encourage you to post them over at udsaleswap. If you do post your sales here, you must limit them to once a week or less. And please, don't post the same sale post repeatedly - or you will be given one warning and then if you continue to do so, you will be banned. All sales images must be behind a lj cut. ALL NON-UD PRODUCTS FOR SALE MUST BE BEHIND A CUT..

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Contact the mods at hello.decay@gmail.com with any questions, problems, complaints or ect. :)