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Urban Photography

A place to showcase your urban photos!

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This community is for all photographers, profesional or amateur, who want to showcase their urban photos to a public audience.

Photo subject for this community includes any photos of cities, buildings, streets, downtowns, subways, cafes, buses, public parks, restaurants, churches, or any other location in an urban environment. Feel free to post images of people or portraits as long as they are contained within an urban environment.

Also include a brief caption with each photo you post, to educate us of the image.

***Personal photos only are allowed in this community.. do not post a photo by someone else. (Unless credit is given.)***

If you are to post more than 2 photos, please post them behind an lj-cut.

And most of all, have fun! Lets see your photos! Post away!!!!

This community is maintained by abstractrhyme Feel free to say hello. :)

Photo by member td4.

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компьютеры, праздники

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