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_upyourself's Journal

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Yes, once again, another one of these communities has evolved. Many have tried, and many of them have miserably failed (me being one of them!). This time, there's no messing around. Were getting down to the nitty gritty of things. I've come across so many rating communities where the people are rude, cruel and demeaning. Hey, come on now, what's the need for that. In this community, I would like everyone to use c o n s t r u c t i v e criticism!! The community is just getting on it's feet right now, so things may start off a bit unstable, so please bare with me. I promise to make this community one of a kind. We will share many things with each other, photography, graphic design, literature, reviews of shows/cds/books, and so much more. Please, be able to carry on a somewhat 'intelligent' conversation, and please, no illiteracy, or idiotic grammar such as this, HeY wHaT's Up GRRLfRiEnD@@#$!! This community is directly based on the arts.I plan on making this community much more extensive and more organized, but for now, I'm just trying to get it up and running. I'd like to keep this community with an age level of about 16 and above.. everything isnt cookie-cutter in here, we keep an open-mind and speak out our thoughts, feelings and ideas. Things may be somewhat explicit, and I don't want to have to worry about youngin's. Other than that, this is an open community, so join now!

Please make sure you take the time to read over this application, and put in some thought to it. Please give some length to your answers (except for the basics, like your name, age, blahblah..), but not too lengthy! Were going to be looking for a good sense of personality.. I want people in this community who are smart, outgoing, have a great sense of humor, and live life to the fullest. We aren't going to solely base judgement on you because of your musical interests or what shirt your wearing in one picture. We must have a few valid reasons on why we do not want you in the community. But don't take that to heart, necessarily.. this still is a rating community. MAKE SURE TO USE AN LJ CUT, PLEASE.

+ Name:
+ DOB & Age:
+ Location:

+ Name some of your favorite bands/music artists, and describe briefly how you got into them, and why you like them..
+ Describe your personal exterior style.. how does it make who you are today?
+ Describe your personality, what certain trademarks stick out the most and what are some of your flaws?
+ What do you do in your spare time.. do you have a job? Do you go to school? Are you social or anti-social? How do you spend your free time?
+ What of the following are you mainly passionate about? (You can pick more than one, if needed) Photography, Graphic Design, Fashion, Music, Interior/Exterior Design, Literature, Performing Arts (ie dancing, singing..), Art (painting, etc etc) Web Design, Other (if other, please, do tell!) Make sure to tell us how it came about, why you love it, how long you have been into it, and what you plan on doing with it in your life.

+ What is the number one thing you hate about the media?
+ What do you like/dislike about your peers?
+ How do you feel about your sexuality? Are you comfertable with it, or do you find it obscure and keep far away from it?
+ Do you believe in fate (everything happens for a reason), or everything happens because it just does?
+ What is something you find terribly funny?
+ What is something you find terribly horrifying?

+ Please give us some visual! Post atleast four pictures of yourself, make sure atleast two are clearly visable, so we can intake every single breathtaking part of your body! ;) After we've seen you, feel free to post any other things that feel important to you (ie, your photography, your designs, writing, graphics, whatever..) Please don't over do it though, save your stuff for when you actually get accepted, and you actually will have something to post about.

Thank you for taking the time to fill this application out!

soon soon soon.