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well well well

number one, I'm not a big fan of communities.. but i joined this cuz i love katie and all that junk. so yay!

+ Name: Chelsey with a y not a A haha
+ DOB & Age: may 25th 1985, and i'm 19
+ Location: most of the time i live in sacramento, cuz i go to school there. But when i'm home, its lafayette, ca which is right outside of berkley

+ Name some of your favorite bands/music artists, and describe briefly how you got into them, and why you like them..
Okay, most people know my favorite band is senses fail. I love them because, i know them. And i met them almost two 1/2 years ago before they started touring, and went to their first show in california. and i've been to all but like 4 or 5 of their california shows, seen them about a billion times. I love them because, they've made me their friend. and now that they are going on a headlining tour with the used and my chemical romance, they still will thank me in their cd's and they still will get me into shows. and they like me. We're friends and they deserve everything they are getting, and i'm never happier than when i'm listening to them, or with them. but other than that..i like tbs, my chem, the early novemeber, brand new.. stuff like that. typical new age "punk" shit basically. hahaha. i'm lame.

+ Describe your personal exterior style.. how does it make who you are today?
I'm really weird with my dressing. Cuz pretty much everything i wear is jeans and band shirts and black hoodies. But i have other random things. I love things that are loud. loud accesorries basically. My favorite thing i own, is my gloves that are dark blue, teal, green and white striped. haha. I wear my hair short.. and flippy, and i have my lip pierced, and my hair is crazy. I cut it myself usually, and i dunno, i like to pretend that i'm drastic with it.. but i always chicken out. haha. My lip piercing i think is what makes me stand out. I noticed that once i got it.. i got a lot more compliments and felt a lot more like myself. I felt like i fianlly did something for me, that was kinda crazy, and none of my friends had yet and yeah.

+ Describe your personality, what certain trademarks stick out the most and what are some of your flaws?
I'm very shy. but i'm not. Like, i dont act shy but i'm more shy around my friends then random people if that makes sense? i'm so afraid of being judged. But, in all honesty, Id have to say i'm one of the most nice people i know. I dont cause drama, i do anything to help people. I try to be nice to everyone. i dont have any enemies or hate anyone.. i dunno. I'm very.. just chelsey. I cant describe it.

+ What do you do in your spare time.. do you have a job? Do you go to school? Are you social or anti-social? How do you spend your free time?
I go to sacramento state university. Its my second year in the dorms. I dont have a job yet, but once everyone gets fired for seasonal working, i'm off to look for one. I'm very social, my friends and i have a tendecy to take over any party we enter. We drink a lot. Even to much sometimes. Every thursday, friday and saturday and some other random days sometimes. I have a boyfriend. Hes my first "real" boyfriend. and i love him. i think haha. so i spend a lot of time at his apartment with him.

+ What of the following are you mainly passionate about? (You can pick more than one, if needed) Photography, Graphic Design, Fashion, Music, Interior/Exterior Design, Literature, Performing Arts (ie dancing, singing..), Art (painting, etc etc) Web Design, Other (if other, please, do tell!) Make sure to tell us how it came about, why you love it, how long you have been into it, and what you plan on doing with it in your life.
I did drama in high school and i loved it. well i did drama since i was 10. and i loved it. I miss it now that i'm in college, but its just not something i have time for. I'm very loving with animals.. and i want to find a job working with them. but right now i'm a child development major which means i want to be a teacher.. haha.

+ What is the number one thing you hate about the media? i dont like how everyone follows it so blindly. like as soon as a band goes on the radio everyone goes crazy for them.. as soon as one thing is popular it blows outta proportion.

+ What do you like/dislike about your peers?
i hate how people only think about themselves. people are very very selfish. and its hard to be a person thats selfless in a world like that. I'm not saying i'm perfect. and i know i'm selfish sometimes, but i like to think that people shouldnt i dunno get so angry, point so many fingers, or just.. i dunno. I love my friends though. they are good people in heart.. they just need to sort out their pyroities..and realize that there are other people out there.

+ How do you feel about your sexuality? Are you comfertable with it, or do you find it obscure and keep far away from it?
I'm really weird. cuz, i'm very shy when it comes to things like that. if i belive i'm reading the question correctly. recently, i've become m ore comfortable with it. but i'm still very shy about it. and i get embarassed easily when i know i shouldnt.

+ Do you believe in fate (everything happens for a reason), or everything happens because it just does?
I belive everything happens for a reason. Good things will find you, and bad things will find you, but eventually if your a good person, you'll be happy in the end. each expereince makes you, you. and noting you can do can change that.

+ What is something you find terribly funny? i like lame jokes. and random things and i dunno. I laugh alot.

+ What is something you find terribly horrifying?
i agree with katie.. being alone, or getting kidnapped or raped. thats scary.

+ Please give us some visual! Post atleast four pictures of yourself, make sure atleast two are clearly visable, so we can intake every single breathtaking part of your body! ;) After we've seen you, feel free to post any other things that feel important to you (ie, your photography, your designs, writing, graphics, whatever..) Please don't over do it though, save your stuff for when you actually get accepted, and you actually will have something to post about.

me and my friends taking myspace pictures

me and my boys at their instore.. minus my favorite one.. hehe

there we go. sorry i wrote so much!

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