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staple the eyes.

your scene blows.

fuck your 'scene'
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Alright kiddos.

This isn't for all you "fashionxcore" kids.
Or you kids who are into the "scene"
"Scene" is non-existent.

okay. we don't HATE the scene. we just, dislike certain things about it.
Hopefully this can become a place where different types of people can come together and get along, and not have to worry about what new underground band they know (or dont know) about.

No more ratage.. for now.
After we get more people in here we're going to switch back into the rating mode.

But, an introductory entry is much appreciated.
Tell us something about you, and what kind of music youre into.
Stuff like that.

♥ Rules ♥
Post whatever you want! Pictures, show promotion, ranting I DONT CARE. But keep the majour drama on your own journal.
If you promote a community, please do so behind a cut, or I will most likely delete it.
If you post pictures you must do so behind a El Jay cut
<*lj-cut text="whatever you want to type here"> ... <*/lj-cut> (remove the *'s)
Some of us [ex- ME] have dial up and photos KILL our computer.
Just have fun!
thank you; good day.