June 6th, 2005


you are cordially invited to go fuck yourself...


likes - creating, destroying, fucking with random people, nature walks, taking pictures, screaming loudly in crowded areas, collecting odd objects (mostly things that are sharp), getting in fights, winning fights, drugs, marlboro lights, knowing im better than someone i hate, anime (fuck yea bitches), when people are nice to me...hehehh, GETTING MY WAY (but doesnt everyone want that?)

dislikes - whiny cunts, horse-faced bitches, liars, fakes, knowing IM FAKE, being a hypocrite (sometimes you just cant help it), homophobes, ignorant fucks, that feeling you get when you KNOW someone you trusted just fucked you over, girls who steal peoples boyfriends, stuck up cuntettes, and people who think they have it all when all they really have is NOTHING.

well, thats a little about me, it's long, i know, and im sorry for that but youll just have to accept it. im nice to anyone whos nice to me, but fuck with me and die. if you wanna know more, just look at my info or leave a comment.

thanks bitches i love you!