The Unwritten Words

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This is a community for the words left unsaid.

Here, muses and characters can post, from their author's livejournal or their own livejournal username, apologies and pleas left unsaid in the actual work.

This community's purpose is to allow muses to interact, offer support, lash out, and to help authors get a better grasp on how their muses react to certain situations, and how they interact.

Your Queen Moderator is miserykiddie, and she holds the right to delete anyone who is out of hand. We understand that certain characters may be rude, and cursing and graphic posts are acceptable, but everyone should understand when it's too much. Don't be afraid to let your character loose, however - rude characters will be rude!

The Rules are as follows:
1. Keep on topic. Authors ARE permitted to post apologies to their characters. However, do not post quiz results, surveys, etc. There are other communities for muses to fill out surveys. This is not one of them. Keep all posts along the lines of apologies, though pleas, confessions, and emotional rants are acceptable.

2. Drawings and pictures are acceptable, as long as the work is your own or you have permission from the artist to post it. Also, all images should be kept behind an LJ-cut.

3. Cursing and graphic descriptions of sex, violence, and drug use are acceptable. However, be smart. These are supposed to be apologies or rants, not smut stories.

4. Although we understand that some characters are rude, if anyone reports that they are offended by your character we will look at the situation and possibly warn or ban you. Be assured, however, that we will first carefully consider the situation. We understand that some people are over-sensitive about their characters, and if we feel that is the case, you'll get off with just a warning to go lightly with him/her/it. On the same token, we understand that some people enjoy flame-wars with other characters (we do too!), so we will wait for the flaming to be reported as offensive before we butt in. (E-mail one of the moderators to report offensive flames.)

5. Do be respectful. If we tell you to leave a certain character alone, you better listen or you're banned. Insult-trading can be fun, but remember to be respectful in certain cases.

6. Only original characters please. No fanfiction characters.

7. DO NOT STEAL IDEAS. This is our most important rule. Don't steal artwork, characters, or writing from ANYONE. Anyone who abuses this rule will not only be banned, but will be reported to Livejournal. WE DO NOT TOLERATE THIEVES. If your work is being stolen, tell us right away. We're not afraid to get involved and get the thief kicked in the ass.

In conclusion... if you have any questions, just ask us. Otherwise, join and post away!