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_untamed_'s Journal

Jeanne Carmen
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This is a community dedicated to
B-Movie Queen & Pin-Up legend
the fabulous ~ Jeanne Carmen!

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1962, 3 outlaws, acting, actors, actors studio, actresses, antiques, arizona, arkansas, art, articles, artists, arts, auctions, authors, b movies, beauties, beauty, biographies, blond, blonde, blondes, books, born reckless, brandon james, broadway, brunetts, camera, celebrities, champagne, cheesecake, cinema, class, classic beauty, classics, clothes, collecting, collections, comedy, contracts, costume, costumes, covers, dancers, dancing, designers, directors, documentaries, documents, drama, ebay, elvis presley, eyeliner, famous people, fan art, fashion, femme fatals, film, films, frank sinatra, glamour, gossip, guns don't argue, hair, high heels, history, hollywood, horror, house of 1000 corpses, icons, images, interviews, jade, jeanne carmen, jewelry, las angeles, las vegas, layouts, legends, life and death, links, lipstick, literature, los angeles, love, magazine covers, magazines, makeup, marilyn, marilyn monroe, mascara, memorabilia, movie stars, movie stills, movies, music, new york, news, old hollywood, old movies, performing, photographers, photographs, photography, photos, pictures, pin-up, pin-up art, pin-ups, platinum, pop art, portland expose, posing, posters, press, quotes, retro, retro style, roles, scandals, scripts, sensuality, silver screen, sinatra, sirens, skin, stanislavsky, stars, stories, striporama, studios, style, styles, sunglasses, the devil's hand, the kennedies, the truth, theater, too much too soon, tributes, tv, untamed youth, vintage, vintage pin-ups, vintage style, vixens, war drums, women, writers, writing