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This movie is a 1956 version of BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID with WILD BUNCH member BILL CARVER tagging along as the 3rd Outlaw

title or description

Jeanne rewards her boyfriend Rudolfo Hoyo with a kiss after he robs the Bolivian bank that Butch & Sundance have deposited their stolen American money in.

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Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid shoot it out as their adobe is surrounded by military police. A moment later Butch & Sundance sit down to reload. Butch takes a moment to reflect on his life and states that if he had grown up with an honest father things might have turned out different. Butch & Sundance then make a pact to go down in a Blaze of Glory rather than spend the rest of their lives in a South American jail.

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Note: Neville Brand played Butch. Alan Hale played Sundance.

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