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Jeanne Carmen's Journal

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8th August 2004

bambiii9:21pm: jeannes friend
Film icon Marilyn Monroe revealed on secret tapes that she had a lesbian romp with actress Joan Crawford. But, according to author Matthew Smith who's had exclusive access to the recordings, the star of Some Like It Hot found sex with a woman rather cold. "After I turned her down she got spiteful," said Monroe on a tape that was recorded when she was having therapy.

youre all invited to join marilyn_fashion!

18th June 2004

jennalynmonroe11:43am: LjToyBox
Join Now!


This is a community for
posting/requesting icons,
styles/layouts, blinkies,
codes, etc. Anything you
may want/need for your lj!
A place to share ideas,
links, quizzes, surveys,
promote your community,
journal or website, make
friends or just pass
the time...
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15th June 2004

jennalynmonroe12:55pm: Buy, Sell, Trade ~ Art & More...
I created a NEW community called __stuff__.

I wanted to make a place for artists, crafters, photographers, designers, etc. to present themselves and their creations. To share and expand in their craft whatever it may be. To buy, sell, or trade STUFF! Get inspired, share tips & ideas. Promote yourself, goods, journals communities or websites, links, shows, events, etc.

18th April 2004

jennalynmonroe10:58am: Communities About Books ~
For Books:

title or description

For Children's

title or description


5th December 2003

jennalynmonroe10:59am: title or description

31st October 2003

jennalynmonroe9:06am: Have A Happy Hootin' Halloween!!!
title or description
Jeanne As A Cowgirl
jennalynmonroe9:03am: All Dressed Up ~
title or description
Jeanne As Elvira

title or description
Without The Wig
jennalynmonroe9:02am: Jeanne & The Monster ~
title or description

8th October 2003

jennalynmonroe9:48pm: Halloween With Elvis!
title or description




title or description


title or description


26th September 2003

jennalynmonroe10:15pm: THE 3 OUTLAWS:
This movie is a 1956 version of BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID with WILD BUNCH member BILL CARVER tagging along as the 3rd Outlaw

title or description

Jeanne rewards her boyfriend Rudolfo Hoyo with a kiss after he robs the Bolivian bank that Butch & Sundance have deposited their stolen American money in.

title or description

Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid shoot it out as their adobe is surrounded by military police. A moment later Butch & Sundance sit down to reload. Butch takes a moment to reflect on his life and states that if he had grown up with an honest father things might have turned out different. Butch & Sundance then make a pact to go down in a Blaze of Glory rather than spend the rest of their lives in a South American jail.

title or description

Note: Neville Brand played Butch. Alan Hale played Sundance.

25th September 2003

jennalynmonroe10:50am: title or description

21st September 2003

jennalynmonroe10:24pm: Jeanne Poolside ~
title or description

title or description

title or description

17th September 2003

funshine1434:35pm: Jeanne Photos
title or description

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8th September 2003

jennalynmonroe12:23pm: Strip-O-Rama
Queens Of The Burlesque!

title or description

Jeanne was in a STRIPORAMA movie with fellow
vintage beauties Bettie Page and Lili St. Cyr.

title or description


28th August 2003

jennalynmonroe7:18am: Brandon James Writes Again ~
Hi Jennifer,

Yes, way back in May of 2000, Rob Zombie wrote a featured cameo for my
Mom Jeanne Carmen in his movie House of 1000 Corpses. Rob is a big fan of
old horror movies and Pin Up Girls and he knew of Jeanne through her 50's
creature feature flick THE MONSTER OF PIEDRAS BLANCAS and through her
work as a NY Pin Up Queen.

The film was shot on a ranch up by Magic Mountain. Jeanne's character
was MISS BUNNY - A glamorous movie star from the past who is now a
childrens puppeteer running a playhouse out in the boonies called MISS BUNNY'S

The exterior set of the playhouse was amazing. Painted in psychedelic
colors with huge sunflowers and multi-colored lollipops spinning in the
wind and stuff like that. Miss Bunny wears a sequined red dress. (the
dress in the photo with Rob on my website www.jeannecarmen.com). All I can say
is that it was sort of like a pychedelic cross between Pee Wee's Playhouse
and Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

The playhouse is filled with kids and the lights go down and Jeanne
comes out on stage to re-enact the last scene from Casablanca where Humphrey
Bogart and Ingrid Bergman say goodbye to each other. (Remember the
famous scene that went something like, "Bergman: Oh Rick, Rick, I can't leave
you".....Bogie: "listen here, we might not have each other...but we'll
always have Paris") The exact dialogue from the movie was used, not my
paraphrase from memory.

Anyway here's the Rob Zombie twist. When Jeanne pulls out the puppets
to do the scene, the puppets are two real dead animals. A dead cat is Bogie
with rigamortis set in, fangs out and arms straight out. The cat is wearing
a trench coat and Fedora hat. Bergman is a dead squirrel with a skirt
and scarf. When Jeanne starts to act the scene out with the dead animal
puppets, all the kids start screaming and run out of the place leaping
over chairs and running into each other.

So that was the scene and it was quite funny but it got cut out because
it wasn't really necessary to move the storyline of the film along. It
just sort of came in out of nowhere.

I believe the scene was in the original cut shown to Universal but then
Universal dropped the movie and then MGM picked it up and recut it and
then dropped it. Finally Lions Gate picked it up and cut it again down to
like 88 minutes. The film was shot in May of 2000 and released a full 3
years later in April of 2003.

So that's the story of Jeanne's part in House of 1000 Corpses.
Hollywood is a strange town to say the least. But always interesting.

I don't know if you caught it but my Mom was on Larry King Live August
5th talking about her friend Marilyn Monroe. For more on that, check out
the True Confession tab on my website.

Did you ever see the E! True Hollywood Story: Jeanne Carmen: Queen of
the B-Movies? An amazingly well done bio.

Keep in touch. Write back anytime.


*It was so wonderful for him to reply like he did ~
he's so very nice and helpful.
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27th August 2003

funshine1436:55pm: title or description

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jaynedahmer1:54pm: It's great to be here in this fabulous community! =0D
Thank you jennalynmonroe~ ;D

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jennalynmonroe7:38am: Re: Filmography = House of 1000 Corpses?
Hi Jennifer,

Jeanne Carmen is my Mom. I just got in and checked my emails.

I'm jumping in bed right now. Your fan club sounds cool.

I'll write you tomorrow and tell you about 1000 Corpses.


*I was sooooo excited when I checked my mail this morning and saw his name in my mailbox ~ I'm still excited!!! How sweet is that?! I didn't even know if I would get a reply or not let alone so soon. He could have waited to just reply today but he wrote before bed to let me know he got my mail. We may solve the mystery after all... I can't believe he wrote me back!!!

A picture of Brandon James:

title or description
Brandon & Jeanne

I watched an interview with the two of them last night that was really cute. You can tell he really loves his Mom! You can see the video by going to their site ~ it's linked from their HOME page.
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26th August 2003

jennalynmonroe6:10pm: THE MONSTER OF PIEDRAS BLANCAS
title or description

SYNOPSIS: Half-man, half crab, it lives in a cave near Piedras Blancas and only comes out of its cave to eat the offerings of the enigmatic lighthouse-keeper Sturges whom everyone else considers crazy and superstitious. But as this campy horror movie shows, the lighthouse keeper isn't crazy at all; he just exercised poor judgment, for thanks to him, the lobster man develops a taste for human blood and embarks upon a killing spree by ripping the heads off two fishermen. The locals investigate and this creates even more problems as the killer crustacean makes his way towards the favorite teen hangout "Love Beach."

title or description

Jeanne heats up her boyfriend Don Sullivan in the chilly waters of Northern California in THE MONSTER OF PIEDRAS BLANCAS.

title or description

Jeanne changes into something more comfortable as THE MONSTER OF PIEDRAS BLANCAS watches from the shadows.

title or description

Jeanne's dress was nearly torn off by a rowdy gang of young boys at the Premiere of THE MONSTER OF PIEDRAS BLANCAS in Los Angeles, CA.

title or description

ORIGINAL MOVIE POSTER: THE MONSTER OF PIEDRAS BLANCAS ~ This poster is hanging on the wall in Jeanne's house.

More Monster Memorabilia HERECollapse )

jennalynmonroe10:26am: Jeanne & The House Of 1000 Corpses...
So ~ just where is Jeanne in the movie "House Of 100 Corpses"? Well ~ good question...

I've watched the movie and sat through the credits a few times now and have been unable to spot her. Yet ~ while creating the community and pouring over filmographies on several different sites ~ it's listed every time. There is a picture of her on the set of the movie with Rob Zombie on her website, but no other information about the film or her role in it. There is no filmography on her there either. I've written them in hopes that they may reply with some information about this ~ we'll see...

Here is what I sent them:

Hello, my name is Jennifer Lynn and I'm a HUGE fan of
Jeanne! I've actually just begun a fan club type
community dedicated to her. Anyway ~ I went searching
for a full filmography of all her movies and
appearances to list there and was surprised to find
*House Of 1000 Corpses* at the top of the list on
almost every site I went to. I tried to find out what
role she played and found all sorts of rumors and
different things. One site said she played a a
children's puppeteer named Ms.Kitty? A majority of
sites said she played a character named Mrs.Bunny but
gave no other information? Others simply listed her
name under supporting cast or extras? I've watched the
movie and read the credits three times now trying to
spot her and have had no luck. I noticed there is a
picture of her with Rob Zombie on the set on your site
as well. Did she work on the movie? Any information or
help on the subject would be greatly appreciated not
only by me but some of her other fans as well.

Thank you SO much for your time & my best goes to the
fabulous Jeanne Carmen.

Here is the photo:

title or description

Was she in the movie? Was she cut or simply an extra? Was she in one of the odd clips too quick to even notice or a picture on the wall? For now it remains a mystery...

In the meantime I'm doing my best to figure it out ~ it's driving me nuts! ;)
I'll let you guys know if and when I find out anything more.

BTW ~ just to clear up any possible confusion the part of Mother Firefly was played by Karen Black.

<3 Jenna ~

25th August 2003

funshine1434:25pm: title or description

Jeanne is such a beautiful, lovely women. I'm very excited to be apart of this community.
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winkingkitty1:27am: house of 1000 corpses
i recently watched that movie 2 night ago rite before i found this community. who did she play in the movie?

24th August 2003

thesilversixtie6:31pm: what are some of her movies? i would really like to watch one.!

23rd August 2003

jennalynmonroe7:33pm: title or description

Icons ~

title or description title or description title or description title or description

Also posted to: retro_icons
jennalynmonroe7:16pm: About Jeanne ~
title or description

Carmen spent her early childhood in Arkansas with her family picking cotton. At age 13 she ran a way from home, eventually landing in New York City and taking a role as a dancer in an off-Broadway touring company. The early fifties found Jeanne in Las Vegas, in the company of the likes of mobster Johnny Roselli. Jeanne discovered she had a natural talent for the game of golf and made great hay and much money hustling on the links. In the early 50s Jeanne turned her back on the game of golf and went to Hollywood, where she was often in the company of some of that towns most notable swingers, Elvis, Sinatra and many others. she also maintained a close relationship with Marilyn Monroe. Jeanne never made it into the "big" movies but appeared in many of the "B" pictures, and was quite an item at the celebrity parties. After the death of her close friend Monroe, Carmen dropped out of sight and resided in Arizona...
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