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Mischief Unmanaged!

A Marauder Era RP!

Mischief Unmanaged-A Marauder Era RP! (recruiting)
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Welcome to Mischief Unmanaged, a Marauder-era RP!

We've just recently started, and many characters are still up for grabs!

Character List (only those taken are listed)

Gryffindor House
Sixth Year
Sirius Black (eversosirius)
Lily Evans (lily_of_light)
Alice Havendell (Longbottom) (shy_alice)
Peter Pettigrew (theservent_)

Slytherin House
Seventh Year
Lucius Malfoy (Head Boy) (lucious_lucius_) <-- still open!
Sixth Year
Severus Snape (snape_of_doom)

NPC Player, MOD Controlled (_unmanaged_npc)
The Daily Prophet (_unmanaged_dp)

Any other character not listed here is available (ie: Andromeda & Bellatrix Black, Frank Longbottom, etc)

For now, Original Characters are not accepted until more canon characters are filled.

About Us:

This is an ideal RP for someone who's never role-played before. Our goal here is to have fun and be laid back, because after all, it's just a game, right? However, order must be kept as well, and effort on your part is certainly a requirement. This is included but not limited to:

>>Updating your character's journals on a regular basis
>>Taking part in RPs regularly, whether through AIM or threads.

This RP is based on character journals, AIM conversations, and posts in the _unmanagedrp community. To anyone who wishes to be a part of the RP, joining both _unmanaged and _unmanagedrp is required.

This RP is slash and het friendly, and pretty much anything goes. So sure, have mindless sex on the table during Potions class. . .but don't expect the rest of the students to be too thrilled!

All RPing will take place in the third person (him, her, he, she, etc.) except for updates in your character journal, which will be in the first person. (me, my, I, etc). If anyone is confused by this, please consult me by email or AIM, and I'll be glad to explain!

Above all, playing nice is a requirement. If someone is doing something wrong, please take it up with me, and I'll fix it to the best of my ability.

Interested in joining? Make a comment on this post, and also fill out the following application.

ALSO, if you want to join the RP, you have to BE FAMILIAR WITH THE LIVEJOURNAL FORMAT and how it works, including joining communities, LJ cuts, how to bold, italizice, and underline text, and other basic knowledge. I'm very friendly, and I love to help people, but I'm just too busy to be able to hold someone's hand through getting started with Livejournal. The Livejournal FAQ can offer you tons of help, should you need it. Please use it if you need help.

Just to get a basic knowledge of you, your writing style, and the character you'd like to play, please fill out the following application.

When you have done this, please email it to BOTH MODS at randomlancila@gmail.com AND jewel_kaufman@hotmail.com:

About You:
Your name:


Are you willing to create a character screename for AIM, or would you rather not? (it's not required):

How old are you?:

Any RP experience (how long have you been rping? Who have you played? Where have you played them?):

Are you familiar with the way Livejournal works, as stated in the rules on the user info page of _unmanaged?:

How much time would you be able to devote to rping?:

About the Character

Character Desired:

House (if unclear, just ask us or check the Harry Potter Lexicon):

Year (if unclear, just ask us or check the Harry Potter Lexicon):

Character journal Name (if you don't have one yet, that's fine):

General Personality of your character:

Background and Family Life (especially for original or little-known characters, it's good to get a feel for who they are and what their life has been like):

Example journal entries (to get a feel for your writing style.) Please be sure to use the character you desire to play in the following examples. Thank you!:

First person (1 paragraph minimum, please):

Third person (1 paragraph minimum, please):

Please don't hesitate to join! There's much room for improv and fun here, and with the right people, this could be a wonderful RP!