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I'm sorry to do this folks. Especially with such a small lot of us to begin with. But I'm leaving _unmanaged. There's been some irreconcilable OOC things which have caused me to do this. Believe me. It will be better for everyone and the game if I just leave.

Now, I'm willing to give up my journal if you really want it. But I'll be keeping the icons if I decide to play Remus again in another game and this PB is available.

To get the password, Jewel or Amber can IM me if they catch me online. Or e-mail me and I'll give the password to you. I'm crap with remembering e-mails, and thus, will need an e-mail sent to me that i can reply to.

I feel absolutely awful for leaving like this. But it's very much nexessary. And Remus is a pretty popular character, you'll find another soon I'm sure.

Bye all. You'll all be missed greatly.
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Alrighty, so the deadline for posting has come and gone.

Please take Regulus Black (youngest_black) and Narcissa Black (ivory_flower) off your friends lists.

I've spoken to our Peter/Lucius, so their lack of updating is taken care of. Heads up to Lily, I may be beginning a thread for Sirius and Lily in the near future, as it's been a while since they've had a good conversation.

If anyone knows of any good places to advertise, please let me know. I'm putting out some tonight, and if you know anyone who might like to join, let me know!

Thanks, everyone. Have a wonderful evening.
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Pleased with tea

MOD POST: James!

Hey everybody,

I just wanted to let y'all know that we have a new James! My friend Kelly has so-very-generously agreed to sub for James on a temporary basis while we advertise for a more permanent player. It's the same journal, so don't worry about that. Either Kelly or I will let you know her contact info (AIM SN, etc) soon. :) Thank you!

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MOD POST (a much more impersonal one than I'd like)

Hey there. Just wanted to let you all know that our James/Bellatrix quit due to lost interest. You don't have to take noble_arrogance off your friends lists, as she gave me that password so we can just use the same journal for whoever comes along next. However, please do take regal_sadist off your lists.

Yeah. So now you're informed.

While I'm here, I may as well say that now is the time for me to crack down on inactive players. I'm requiring everyone to update/do a log/somehow interact within the RP within one week, or else they will be kicked out. You all have 'til Monday night next week. Those who have updated tonight need not worry.

Thank you.
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Mod Post.

Alright, people. I've been as guilty as the rest of you, but we really, really need to pick it up in here. To say it's been mostly dead here would be an understatement of astronomical proportions.

Firstly, I've made a decision to postpone the Prank until next month. It is cutting it rather short, but the full moon is on June 23, and I can have term end on June 24, which is a Friday. Then I suppose we can send the students home on the Hogwarts Express on Saturday, June 25. At this point, I just feel that there hasn't been enough character interaction and logs with different people involved to be able to pull this off and have it work this month. Therefore, within a week or two, I'd really like to speak to everyone who's going to be involved at least once via AIM. That would be Remus, Peter, James, and Snape. At the moment, I think it might also be a good idea to NPC Dumbledore for the occasion, so if anyone would like to volunteer for that, that would be wonderful.

Within the next few weeks, I'd like to draw up a schedule for finals. It's more for consistancy purposes than anything else. Your character can do however well or badly as you feel you'd like on their finals, as long as nothing is failed. We're not going to have any characters staying back this year, that would be troublesome to say the least.

Before you accuse me of calling the kettle black, I'll admit that I need to do this more often as well, but please. Im someone your character doesn't usually associate with and do a log or two. Many of the more minor characters have nothing to update about because they have no one to talk to. We need to get the RP up and running again in the next few weeks, and anyone who can't keep the responsibility of being as active as they can is more than welcome to forfeit their character. I'll be cracking down on inactive characters very soon, so please be aware. Don't say I haven't warned you.

Anyone with plot ideas or any questions at all is more than welcome to im me at of fallen rain. That's what I'm here for, so don't hesitate to talk to me. We need to get going, and communication is the only way I know what you guys want.

Thanks, and happy RPing!

Your loving, though rather frazzled, mod,

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Wizarding Photo (credit - crooked_halo)

MOD POST: New Journal to add to your FLists!

Hey everybody,

I know some people have been wondering about getting more plotlines going, and in the spirit of that, I'd like to introduce _unmanaged_dp, our very own Daily Prophet newspaper, ready to report on important happenings in the Wizarding World.

Please add the journal to your FList, as I will be making a post in it momentarily, and it will affect pretty much everyone in the game, in one way or another.

Also, please keep in mind that we do have a pretty major plot going on, aside from this newest introduction. The Prank will be happening really soon, and stuff leading up to it is happening now. If you feel like you're at a loss over what to do for your individual character(s), please feel free to contact Amber or I to discuss possibilities. It's up to us, as the mods, to provide some quality entertainment for everyone, so don't be afraid to talk to us, as we want to do a good job with that! :)

As for the impending Daily Prophet post, it's fine if someone like Lucius, or... well, we don't really have many of-age 'baddies' yet, but still, if Lucius wants to claim a bit of prior knowledge, that's fine. I'd recommend not having known everything (re: specifics), as Dumbledore does seem to know everything... and he's also a Legilimens ;) (Dumbledore, not Lucius).

Aannddd... I'm getting off-topic, so I'll draw this to a close. Don't forget to add _unmanaged_dp to your FLists, and prepare for some late-breaking news!

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Mod Post!

Hey all! I hope by now all you college kids are done or nearly done and finally getting a break soon. . .from the sounds of it, you've all been pretty busy!

Anyway, I was thinking that perhaps when a good number of us are available, we could have an AIM chat to discuss any ideas anyone might have for plots over the summer and beyond. Just a little brainstorm party or something.

So if you're interested in being a part of it, what days of the week and times are you available? Hopefully I can find a time where most of us are online at the same time, because the more people we have to work with, the better!

Feel free to leave a comment telling me when you're available, and I'll make a post later on with a chat schedule. Thanks! ^_^
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