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The Government Attempts to Take Us Over

We Can Fight Them

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This is a place to talk about the government and what you dont like about it.


*If you Like the government you are free to stay, but you have to comment and be political about things. Dont be rude. If you are or you piss someone off that actually belongs in this community then I'll kick your ass out. Simple as that.
*If you think something needs to be fixed in the community email me at puncrokprincezz@yahoo.com
*If someone is bothering you, let me know.
*You get three warnings and then you are out.
*If you make a stupid post like "I luvz how the bushz are so stup-ed. I just cant see why they are that way n stuff." Then you will get a warning.
*If you get a warnings for the same things then you are automatically booted. You can come back when you learn to play nice.
*If I want I'll add more later.

If you want to help us with the community feel free. Just email me at puncrokprincezz@yahoo.com
We could always use the help.