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everything in between

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join this community. we look for people that truly stand out, and that are as open-minded as we are. beatnik, stoner, slut, goth, wigger, punk, skinhead, nerd, doesn't really matter who you are as long as you're different from the average person. I am the moderator. you can call me whatever you want, have a party, i don't care. this is, however, a rating community, but different from others. you get the opinion of people who are like you and also people who are different. I give the final vote, but really it is majority rules. you can be interested in anything from musicals to bodypainting, and still get in. sorry but the age limit is 13...

Rules and regs:
i don't have many rules, but i do ask that you follow these. if you cross any of these you have two warnings then you are permanantly banned from this community, unless you can convince me otherwise...

-limited cursing. come on kids we're all old enough that we can curse and not care, but the age limit is only 13. play as nice as you can.

-no posting ads for other communities more than once. we get the message the first time, no need to expand on it.

-no degrading other people for their opinions. we're all different, that's the whole point of this community, it's fine to debate, but respect other's opinions or remove yourself

-no bringing personal conflicts into voting. i don't need the whole sob story about why you hate this person, try to be objective and yes or no is fine.

-no really long entries. posting pictures and giving long entries is fine, but try to use lj-cuts whenever able. remove *s

-be open minded. that's the point of being here.

-you must fill out application to join within 24 hours. try to put it under application in an lj-cut thanx!

if you still wish to join, please fill out this application as best you can. trust me it's not too hard






preference (guy/girl/both):

how did you find us?:

what do you think of our idea?:

favorite stores:

favorite day of the week and why?:

favorite color:

10 favorite bands (no cliches):

5 favorite movies (also no cliches please):

favorite food:


your best picture (optional but we would really like to have it):

your worst picture (optional):

promote! we need more people

join _unique_ones_

both of these below courtesy of saina. you are wonderful

join _unique_ones_

join _unique_ones_

right-click the add and copy the shortcut to get the html