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name: Kelsea Manzi

age: 14

location: Ludlow Mass

sex: female.

preference (guy/girl/both): guys

how did you find us?: looking through-out livejournals.

what do you think of our idea?: i think its very creative...and unique;)

favorite stores: Pac sun, hot topic, journeys, delias, & alloy

favorite day of the week and why?: saturday, because psh no school

favorite color: ORANGE

10 favorite bands (no cliches): bindside, this day and age, yellowcard, the cars, fe fe dobson, the starting line, fall out boy, billy talent, relient k, the donnas,

5 favorite movies (also no cliches please): Benny and Joon, Sixteen candles, The breakfast club, hokis pokis, Alice & wonderland, White chicks,

favorite food: spagettie!

peircings/tattoos: none, but my sister said that i woul get my lip peirced. i dont want to that much.

your best picture (optional but we would really like to have it): Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

your worst picture (optional):
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