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we're hot, we're styling

and we are U N I Q U E

the T R U E originals
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a b o u t::
-- we are the originals of LJ. the people you want to be like. the people who start the trends, not follow them.

are you u n i q u e?
--think so? come on and find out

R U L E S::
1^^ you MUST be at least 15
2^^ unique does not = some stupid label. 'tis about the fashion ladies&'gents
3^^ if your denied, wait a few days to retry. if your denied 3x, give it up.
4^^ do not start fights. you'll be booted out//denied
5^^ only accepted members can comment. if you haven't been accepted and you comment, you will be denied automatically.
--this includes application posts unless we ask for more pics. if someone asks a ?, please contact them--
6^^ we're honest, but do not be vicious. if a mod feels your being a bit too brutal, actions will be taken.

A P P L I C A T I O N ::
b a s i cs
1] name
2] sex
3] age
4] location
5] piercings / tattoos
* * * *
6] describe your style
7] what's most unique about you
8] what's least unique
9] who do you idolize
* * * *
t e ll m e..
%!@ why do YOU think you should be accepted?

-- P I C T U R E S--
[[@ least 1]] face .. c'mon&smiiile
[[@ least 2]] show off that style !
[[optional]] body shot, show it off

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