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A P P L I C A T I O N ::
b a s i cs
1] name: Karen
2] sex: female
3] age: 18 :'(
4] location: long island, ny
5] piercings / tattoos: 0 / 0
* * * *
6] describe your style: i don't know. :'(
7] what's most unique about you: nothing... :\ i have pink hair. ::edited because shan told me to say that:: :D
8] what's least unique: everything... lolol
9] who do you idolize: gwen stefani?
* * * *
t e ll m e..
%!@ why do YOU think you should be accepted?: because we're bffrd!

-- P I C T U R E S--
[[@ least 1]] face .. c'mon&smiiile
[[@ least 2]] show off that style !
[[optional]] body shot, show it off

(i don't have any pics right now.... but you know what i look like) lol

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    yeah. i made them. they're alright but uhhm, promote? 'cuz you love? & if you know how to make them links i'd love youuu

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    b a s i cs 1] name - kelsey 2] sex - female 3] age - 20 4] location - new york 5] piercings / tattoos - four in each lobe, left cartilage, right…

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