A Stranger Among Us - Rewritten

Title: A Stranger Among Us
Writers: nan_darkness
Fandom: Underworld but original characters
Rating: M to be sure for later chapters
Summary: The young and stubborn death dealer Nathalka scouts the great city of Helsingfors hoping to find Lycans but instead she found someone she never had counted on, and she needs him. Especially now that an old evil lurks from the south. But can she trust him? As even he himself does not know what he is.
Disclaimer: Underworld movies are not ours, this story however goes beyond the movies and a lot of it is our original work.
Note: This story was written many moons ago. We have decided to get back to it, rewrite most of it and reupload it.
Currently we are replacing the fanfiction.net chapters one by one with the new ones. For those who have al ready read this; its for sure worth looking at the new version.
For others; perhaps you want to give it a go now. Especially because we are working on a sequel.
Loki - Ruining His Big Day

A screencap request...

So normally I'm just a lurker in LJ UW communities who does lil more than nab icons and credit people for fear of heaving Death Dealers sent after her if she doesn't.

But I have a favor to ask of anybody who owns Underworld, the "Unrated Extended Cut" version of it.

You know the Featurettes on the second "bonus" disk? The last section of them is called "sights and sounds" I believe and there is a moment of Zita Gorog as Amelia on the train. You can actually see her from a profile view, something we don't get a chance of seeing in the first movie. I'm working on an Amelia make-up tutorial and would love to get some high res images of her from this particular moment. I can't do screencaps myself so that's why I'm asking.

Thanks so much in advance! <3

PS - Whoever wants to use those images for icons as well... I love you.

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