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_underweight_'s Journal

For The Underweight And Undernourished
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We always hear about people struggling to lose weight. More and more Americans are gaining weight and trying new diets everyday...

But what about us on the opposite end who can't gain weight no matter how hard we try? Believe it or not, we do exist. We have as much trouble gaining weight as others have losing it, and it is also a health issue.

I'm not talking about anorexics, I mean people who eat normally, want to maintain a normal weight, but can't match their weight up to their height.
Or if you lack a normal appetite, or food just isn't all that appealing, but you really want to stay healthy and need tips on how to obtain the nutrients you need, this is also the place for you.

For example, I, the maintainer, have never weighed a triple-digit-number in my 25 years of life, and I tend to look and feel sick often.

Does this sound like you? Do you want help? Do you have any recommendations or recipes for those who want to be "fattened up"? Then feel free to join and post.

Personally I would like to see vegetarian/vegan recipes in which help with weight gain, but all recipes are welcome.

The only rule is RESPECT EACH OTHER. Start flaming and you're banned.

That is all. I hope someone can obtain some help with this journal. :)

Your mod, magicpoison