JordanAUS (jordanaus) wrote in _underoath,


Hi everyone,
love the concept of the underoath community, pretty much the only reason I joined live journal. Got no idea how to use this thing.
Been listening to these guys almost non-stop since mid '06. Seen them twice - once at Taste of Chaos '06 in Melbourne and last October also in Melbourne.
They're coming back in about 2 weeks for the soundwave festival and that'll be my third time. They put on an amazing live show. I have to fly to Melbourne for every concert because I live in this tiny little state that they would never tour in. Still, the plane trip is definitely worth the show.
Living in a small Australian town of about 20,000 where screamo (and hardcore in general) is in the absoulte minority sucks, which is what makes this community so cool.
I look forward to getting to know you all!
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