September 1st, 2008

jack white.

Deluxe Box Sets Delayed.

"Unfortunately, due to issues beyond Underoath's control, there has been a manufacturing delay in the production of the deluxe box and they will be shipped later than we were told by T&N and their manufacturer. We are angry and upset that this is happening to our fans especially considering how much money everyone spent to buy it! It looks like it will be as long as 4 weeks until we all get our copies.

I know this doesn't replace the box but  we asked Tooth & Nail to create a system to send a digital copy of the record to everyone that pre ordered it.  If you pre orderd the record from Interpunk, Zambooie, Smartpunk or Underoathmerch you will get an e mail Monday AM with a link to download the record immediately, 1 day before its available to the general public. We know that's not the greatest short term replacement but at least you get the record a day before everyone else. If you pre orderd from Amazon or any other company we're still not sure what is happening but were trying to get you digital copies as well.

Thank you for your patience.   In the meantime, please enjoy the digital version of "Lost In The Sound Of Separation."   Many hours went into the conceptualization and design of the Deluxe Limited Edition Boxset, so we assure you that it will be well worth the wait.  We will ship your copy just as soon as they are available.

PS this is only for the box, all other versions will be avaiable on Sept 2."

I got my link to download it today. I mean, I'm bummed about this, but they are trying to make it up to the people like me that ordered one... it's definitely disspointing, though. However, I must say that the new album is probably underoath at their absolute best. I can hardly handle it, its so brilliant. They've moved so forward and matured so much in their sound. It's amazing.