December 19th, 2005

greatness? yah


underoath show last night kinda blew.
first off they played the exact same setlist as they did on the thrice tour! i mean arent the headlinin?? 8 songs sucks. again, they didnt play reinventing, down set, or content with losing. they also like playing the not-as-good-as-othes songs on tour. gay. the frist three bands really fucking sucked. mewithoutyou felt like they played longer. but 4 posters, pathc and free stuff for 10 bucks was awesome. last time i ever travel two hours to a city just to see them

but hey at least i donated to charity.
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    The Sound Of Animals Fighting - Acting I: Chasing Suns

News Flash

"Please be kind and respect one another."

This is one of the rules in the userinfo. Look, we all are entitled to our opinions and to disagree in a respectful manner, but to call a particular out on a livejournal community is just absurd. There are better ways to carry ourselves and behave. If you take such pride in the music that you all listen to, take pride in the words that you spew at one another and just remember we aren't promissed tomorrow today. How would you feel if your victim of your words died tomorrow or was so hurt that they commited suicide? No logical person would wish death on anyone or anything and would feel terrible if words alone caused this sort of pain. To avoid this sorrow and state of melancholy, just avoid harsh words and bent up anger towards one another.

Just no calling any band or person out. No posting a topic just to degrade someone. Understood? Alright, cool. Get along little doggies. I'm sure Leah would back me up on this and if you have any questions or concern regarding the issue we'd be happy to help you solve them.