November 13th, 2005

tonight was better than last night, tim bought me dinner.

so last night at tampa i hated. i actually hate the ford ampitheater. but tonight was awesome at the house of blues. there is this local band called martyrs prayer and im really good friends with all of them. my band and theres played our first 2 shows together. and well there bassist is tims little brother. So we met up between our houses (we live about 10minutes away from each other) and drove to house of blues in orlando and hung out at the show and got backstage and met everyone from the bled which i hadn't done before. and the girl from veda is just gorgeous up close. and then we left before thrice played and walked to mcdonalds and tim bought us dinner.

new website

if you haven't seen the new website, click here. if it won't let you in, try here. the website's all weird since i don't have the latest flash player, though. there's some new live pics, and i think the forum disappeared.

(no subject)

So should we change the look of the community and make a new layout?

We could keep this, which is fine, or we could go off of something like THIS

I was thinking of using that as the background.
Most of you should recognize that as part of the art for the re-release.
I didn't put Spencer on there because he's the front man, just the fact that he kind of resembles the person on the front of "They're Only Chasing Saftey." This also leaves space for text boxes.

Or we could use THIS and repeat it. I'm not to good with Photoshop, I did what I could. Tell me if you would like to change it, or keep it the same, it is your guys community more so than me and Leah.


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lake buena vista show

so yah the lake buena vista show was good

the singer of veda is mad fuckin hot
the bled was good shit
underoath had in my opinion a poor setlist
but still fuckin owned up
thrice gave a damn good set but it coulda been better since they played lots of vheissu and it sucks

underoath tho

they left out very good songs in their setlist
i.e down set go, content with losing, reinventing for example
and aaron didnt use his acrylic set
and tim still looks like a bum

random. but besides being a fucking amazing cheerleader is there any purpose for chris dudley?
i love him but they didnt play one song that included the keyboard

dont be in the crowd unless you wanna get hit repeatedly by stupid fucking sixteen year olds
i hate shows for that reason

despite that underoath pwned as expected
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