November 11th, 2005

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The show tonight was horrible. I was surronded by the preppiest people and some guy who threatened to kill me becuase of smoking a cigarette. I told him i forgive him for saying such things towards me and how maybe in time he will learn to forgive himself and he threw me on the ground. The P.A. speakers (where the vocals come out from) were crap because it was at the courtyard of the ford ampitheater and they looked like they were bought at a garage sale and well outdated and the bass/guitar riffs were louder then the vocals and Aarons mic was turned down so low i could hear the person next to me singing louder than him. Infact i dont think i even heard him. Spencers prancing around on stage made me laugh thou, but reminded me of the academy is... Tim Mctague beings to look more like Aaron from MeWithoutYou everytime i see him which im totally loving the "ive been on tour forever and cant shower" look, it makes me laugh. This so called breakdown in there new song was weak and not much of a breakdown at all. It reminded of the catchy feeling of when the sun sleeps with but with singing from reinventing your exit, which they didn't play and im am for sure glad about that.
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