August 31st, 2005

LOL fashion videos now

So underoath decided to make another video
This time for one of the few good songs off there new album
before i go giving my thoughts on the new video
go watch it for your self
go to

ok good concept and everything
but since i plan on doing a few things in film
like go to college for it
heres my critiques
on the video and there performance
even thou im not a performer
so yeah
here i go

First off its a good song, good choice and good play time so plenty of enough time to get some good little concepts in there and plenty of time to mess around with the pov's (point of view) for the audience and whatnot. I enjoyed the enviroment they played in, but i dislike how they have spencer up front and the band in the bg like a bunch of extras in a hitchcock film. Sucks balls because the band is contrubuting just as much as him. I would rather see him sing and interact with the band then pose for the camera with his hand out and all that bs. BG omg one of the things I completely hate more than anything (and i dont hate alot on anything, i like almost everything except) horribly done cg backgrounds, seriously why dont u go do the video in real life instead of some high budget studio. I was amazed that the old A Static Lullaby video was shot in like a parking lot behind some random building because its a beautifully done video (if u want to see what im talkign about go to btw this person did the sun sleeps video) but seriously underoath just blowed a bunch of cash up the a hole with this video. It had a great concept, alot better then seeing some guy run and showed the band alot more but why cant u use the real enviroment to shoot a video for a great song. I am completely disapointed but I should of known better to think they would come out with a good video.

Oh well it wont change my thoughts on underoath at all, it will only contribute.

And basically all I'm saying is they could of done a better job for less the cash.

Who's lovin the new Fall of troy cd and cant wait for the new Between the Buried and Me album to come out!
Omg that Selkies song is utter awsomeness!

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