July 21st, 2005


Well I am not a HUGE fan for the new underOATH but i know some kids out there still like em

ANYWAY to the point
I was looking around for some cool hopesfall pictures
and while i was
I stumbled upon some very cool and
very high quality photos of underoath
and I thought I should show them to the fans and not be a ass and keep em all to myself
but yeah these are some bad ass pictures
and it makes me want to go to a show

get some bad ass screamo in my face

PLEASE ask permision to the photographer if your going to use it for a icon or a layout

I will link all of these images to the site if you want to look more at this photographers art.

Please Enjoy!

the girl crowd surfing, you are a total babe and a super bad ass for taking a hit like that and crowd surfing, i would love to know you...so yeah if your on here...leave a comment or something.

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st andrews

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So I just recently started downloading things from filesharing programs.

I've gotten a ton of videos of underOATH that I love.

I've also recently got my sister into a lot of the less heavier bands I listen to...

She's 13, and I'm attempting to get her to stop liking The Used and such.

So I had her watch the videos and pointed out how ridiculous the keyboardist, Chris I believe, looks.

She goes, "How does he play while shaking his head and banging on his chest???"

Ha, I know this might be lame, but I found it pretty humorous.

also, does anyone know if EMERY is selling their new cd before the release date at Warped tour shows?
I see them in detroit next saturday, and it comes out tuesday...
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