July 10th, 2005


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this morning, while in the bathroom cleaning myself up for church, my sister (Leah/leetotheuhh) opens her door and she is listening to the new underoath cd, which i thought was sorta weird.
we started talking about how we like the new underoath, but we dont like that it IS underoath. i told her that i would love it, if it was a different band name.
so on the way to church, i told her that i am changing all my new underoath mp3's to name the band "Sawyer Comes Clean". so to me, the new underoath is a different band-- Sawyer Comes Clean.
(in the bathroom there is this bottle that has the name "sawyer" on it, so i said that at first, but i wanted something else in it, so i came up with "sawyer comes clean". haha)

this makes me laugh.

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