June 27th, 2005


(no subject)

i saw underoath on 5/25 at the reliant center. i didn't get to see much of their set though. i was at the very front, and some guy thought it would be cute to push and kick me in the stomach. he kicked me so hard i passed out and i woke up on some guys back while he was pouring his icee on my forehead.

later on in the day i met the guys. they signed my t-shirt. they are really nice and amazing guys. i told them what happened and all of them except spencer told me they were sorry about what happened and that they were glad that i stayed to see them play.

anyway, underoath was amazing despite me getting the shit knocked out of me. the guys are amazingly nice and i'm glad i had the privelidge to meet them.

but is it just me or does spencer seem somewhat cocky?