June 26th, 2005

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I don't know if this is against community rules...
but if it is, definitely feel free to delete it.

I'm sure most of you are on myspace...
There's a new myspace sort of site... called Catch27...


Basically, you're a trading card... and you have your friends join (using your referral link) and they end up in your pack. They get their friends to join, and those people also end up in your pack. Then you go into the trade room & trade people you don't want, for people you do want. Or, you think of a theme to collect and trade for cards of your theme you're collecting. When you get 27 of the same theme, you can submit them for a prize. You can win stuff like ipods and & psp's.

So check it out & join!

Just trying to get some more people over to that site.

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since this was the first underoath community, i hope someone will know the answer to my question. does anyone know who sang for underoath between Dallas and Spencer? like someone that they knew who sang for just a couple shows? i was just wondering. sorry if it's already been asked. i like both singers tho. not hatin' on any of them.